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Am I running or am I jogging; am I going to slow, am I cheating doing this on a treadmill - does it matter, I feel GREAT

I've just finished W6R2 and during the 'running' sessions found myself thinking about some of the things I had read on this forum -some motivated me but some made me feel a bit of a failure.

So far, I have done all my training on a treadmill, mostly on the flat although on the weeks I found 'easy' (how strange that sounds) I did incline it 1% . I always start my walking at 3.5 mph and hit it up to 4.5 mph for the runs, sometimes I feel as though my heart is going to burst through my chest so I drop down to 4.3 mph.

Based on some of the posts on this forum, as I started my run today I thought I ought to try to run a little faster but I just couldn't manage it. Then I got to thinking about what C25K is actually about and I think that some people on here interpret it differently. Whatever speed or distance I run, it's a darn sight more than I would have ever dreamt of 6 weeks ago, when I was huffing and puffing trying to keep going for one minute. Alongside the Boots WeightLoss Plan, I have lost a total of 11lbs as well as loosing inches off of my body, in various different parts. The ugly veins that had started to show themselves on the inside of my thighs have abated somewhat and my legs have become quite shapely. At 55, I feel like a new woman and am determined to take part in a 5k Charity Run as soon as I can after I finish the programme. I can't wait to see the surprise on my girlfriends faces ( they don't know I'm doing this programme) and hope it will inspire them into thinking its never too late to start.

All in all, it really doesn't matter what speed or distance you are covering; whether your running on the road, around a field or on a treadmill; this is not a competition, the only person you need to challenge is yourself and oh, how good it feels after each session.

Well done us!

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You answered your own question at the end

People will always try to put others down with not fast, far,on the road or treadmill etc

I just go by time doesn't matter how slow I go as long as I'm not walking

Week 6.3 tonight

Good luck and listen to yourself


You have done amazingly well, I run the same speed as you. I'd say for me personally, I was jogging. But jogging to me is way better then eating biscuits in front of the telly! Once I graduate I will work at speed. All that matters is that we are out there and doing it. I love the competitions I have with myself, half the fun! Happy running :)


I agree with the other replies. Although I have never felt a failure on here (only when I make excuses not to go out - like just now ha ha). But given I gave up fags for good finally after 35 years off and on I am sooo impressed with myself that I can run for more than a minute - never mind that 20min run. I am on W6 r2 and planned to go out this morning but was raining. Now it's off but I'm supposed to be working at home - so worried about getting caught skiving - to run ha ha. I sometimes find myself whilst running thinking 'look at me..I'm running'. True it's probably a jog but we are moving, we are not on sofa, we are healthier and fitter than we have been in years... I'm 52 and I can say truly I am very proud of myself. Still not sure I'll ever get to 30mins...but hey...I've 3 more weeks to go :)

Ps I also haven't told my friends really - just a couple - I wonder why that is tho?


Well done on what you've achieved - you are right, it's all about doing what you can, no matter what the time/distance etc.

However, I can honestly say that I've never found anyone on this forum to be anything other than supportive and non-judgemental. Our motto, coined I believe by greenlegs, is 'Slow and Steady'.

Okay, sometimes we might like to share our joy at achieving something we never thought possible - but I truly hope no-one ever takes that as 'bragging' or trying to make others feel they're somehow lacking. Most of us began as complete beginners - I couldn't finish one of the 90 second runs when I first started - but we've all stuck with it and a lot of that is due to the amazing support from the folk on this forum.

We don't allow the 'F' word ('Failure' that is, just in case...!) No-one fails. I might not achieve what I set out to do that day, but whatever I did is definitely a success! I might not run as fast or as far as some can, but I'm running further than if I were at home sitting on the sofa. Just being out and running is the success in itself.

This group is all about Celebration with a capital 'C' - celebration of the good runs, the bad runs, the amazing runs...our own and everyone else's.

I agree - well done us! :-)


Well done us indeed!!!!


Big congratulations on what you have achieved so far .Your post has brought about some really great replies ,I've just read through all of them and feel buoyed up by yours and everyone else's comments. I'm sitting up in bed ...having a late lazy morning as I'm getting over a cold/ cough thing that has knocked me for six and I don't usually succumb to these ...and have been bemoaning the fact that I haven't run in a while.

I've decided that tomorrow I will be out there again ...I may have to start off a bit gently ,but I so want to feel that buzz again :)

Good luck with the rest of the programme....sounds like you are doing great. Well done with the weight loss too.....I suspect some of your girlfriends are already wondering what your secret is :)


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