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Moved to treadmill :( but maybe not as bad as I thought and I am OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!

I was forced to run on the treadmill on Monday due to pouring rain.I followed lots of your helpful advice and decided to do interval running.I did a 5 min warm up walk then started the speed podcast but jogging the warm up and cool down.I jogged at 8km/hr and ran at 9.5km/hr which was really difficult (had a couple of pauses/extended recoveries) but then jogged comfortably at 8km/hr to complete 5km to finish.

Today I was due to do a longer run outside to start my final week of B210K.After working in my injury unit yesterday I have become scared how many people are falling and breaking bones in this cold weather.Reluctantly as it was -1 when I set out this morning I decided to resort to the treadmill again :( I managed my first 22minute interval at 8.3km/hr without stopping then had a 2 min recovery before my last 22min run.I did however have to press pause twice on this last interval.However I did manage 7.5km on a treadmill (a bonus for me)

I hope I'll be able to do some outside running this winter,if not it will just have to be a repeat of the above on the treadmill.

I also had a very upsetting experience on Tuesday during a routine Drs appointment.She asked me to step on the scales,then informed me my BMI was 32!!!!!!!!!!! So all this lovely running and much improved stamina has still not helped my weight :( I have to now consider attending a weight management programme as 11.5 stone for my 5ft tall is OBESE :((

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What's your waist size like? We have a clipping on the wall at the gym, it says BMI is an inaccurate standard as it doesn't take into account the difference between fat and muscle. If you're running 7.5k easily on the treadmill then I would think you have more muscle than the average person of 5ft and 11.5 stone.

The clipping says to measure your waist and so long as it is less than half your height you're OK. So this takes into account muscle and also where you carry your fat, round the waist/trunk is bad, whereas a fat bum is apparently not too bad (wahey!!).


Weight bugs me; I don't lose it easily, never have. However, my body is shrinking. I am 5'3 and weigh the same as you but I have just gone from a size 16 to a 14; I couldn't tell myself and only found out by trying on this lovely coat that was only left in sizes 14 and 22.

That was a better feeling than stepping on the scales, let me tell you!

I think if you stop focusing on your weight and start to focus on fitness and health then you will do much better. It's a fallacy that 'fat' people can't be fit; most of them aren't, but some of us have stubborn bodies. And remember: muscle weighs more than fat! (Look at this picture; helps put things into perspective!

Also, I run on a treadmill and a trainer at the gym told me to run on at least a 0.5% incline because that is better for your knees and better simulates running outside (just in case you aren't already!)

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My waist size is 33" which is greater than half my height :( but thanks for that tip Beads.

NikkiJayne I am also an all round size 14.I have really been trying not to worry about what I weigh for years as I am the fittest I have ever been in my life at age 42yrs.I recently had some sessions with a Personal Trainer who said the same as you.She remarked I was fitter than the slim girls in the gym walking on treadmills.However my Gp weighed me for the first time in 10 years and thinks I should start their weight management programme.I have even had a call from them today insisting I make an appointment.I am so upset as I have a brilliant blood pressure and keep myself fit by exercising 3 times per week.I don't eat rubbish (cook all my own meals from scratch)and perfectly understand healthy eating rules as a Nurse.

Thanks for the treadmill tip as I do suffer with knee aches and pains but have been using the treadmill on 0% incline so I will correct that next time.

Thanks for your support ladies :)


That was good going on the treadmill vengadriver driver! You are indeed very fit! As for your upsetting news, I have a motivational quote written down which goes....

'The scales can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That's it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength or love.'


This made me smile :) Thank You!!


I think you're doing brilliantly do you FEEL? if this exercise makes you out of breathe and sweat then your exercising one very important muscle your heart. Your weight will shift - when you go to that bloody clinic just tell them that you exercise three times a week and eat well - I'd like to bet that the clinic nurses don't execise like you! it might be amusing to go actually tell them your on the NHS C25K programme and can RUN for 30 minutes and watch their faces. Your GP needs a better bedside manner a practice nurse would be a much better person to talk to - Don't let them put you off - I am an ex Ward sister who KNOWS how to talk to patients and believe me your doing all the right things - don't be dispondant and smile cos your NOT a couch potatoe ! ;) xxx


Hi Vengadriver

I am your height (well actually 4'11 1/2" - the extra 1/2 is very important) and when I started in Feb was exactly your weight. I did not find that the weight fell off on C25K but it has very slowly crept downwards and as of this morning I am now 10'12" which is just about within the 'overweight' category. It didn't budge until I got to about week 7 and then plateaued again after graduation but just recently has dropped a few pounds again which I put down to taking up intervals again via the Speed podcast once a week (rediscover the endless minute again - just like week 1!) and to throwing in a few intervals in most other runs just for fun. My waist is now much more defined than before I was running tho still too big for the charts to be happy.

I think we get a bit hung up on weight to be honest and take the view that it is much better to be fat and fit than fat and unfit! You are doing brilliantly - don't lose sight of this. Maybe you can pick up some tips on the weight management to do even better but don't let it get you down. If you feel evil you can always challenge the practice staff to a parkrun. Bet you leave them for dead! ;-)


Lol! That would be fun :) It's so nice to know there are some women out there who are petite but not size 6.I have really tried to focus on my new fitness and stamina instead of my weight.I am so proud of what I have achieved on this programme,I finish every run with a smile on my face.Can't believe Drs focus on the numbers and not the bigger picture.I will try the programme after xmas but in the meantime I have cut out my daily treat (a piece of cake or a biscuit) and am also reducing my portion sizes.


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