W9R1 done, slowly!

Got myself out this evening to do W9R1, covered only 3.75K but I know the main thing is I ran for 30min - thing is I've added a couple of friends on Runkeeper so now am obsessing about my slow pace compared to theirs! But I know I know, I can build on that once graduated. Just have to keep telling myself that!

I really hope the weather doesn't turn runs 2 and 3 into horrific experiences, sounds like it's going to get nippy!

Ahh, feels so weird to be on Week 9!


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17 Replies

  • We're on the home straight. Only two runs to go. I feel the same- managed 4k on 9.1, but most people seem to be the same. 5k seems to be 35-40 mins at graduation, then people build on that. You're doing amazingly.

  • We are! With any luck will be done by Fri, an excellent way to start the weekend!

    If I can nudge it up to 4k by Friday I'll be happy. Well, even if I don't, I'll still be happy! At least we have something to aim for after graduation :)

  • Well done to you both.my same run is tomorrow . We are nearly there girls. I'm allways thinking I'm slow but like u say we can focus on that after grad. Important thing is we have the stamina to run for 30 mins , we can only get better . Keep up the good work girls .

  • You are going great. Savour this week as you will feel great when you graduate. And nippy if fine - keep your hands and ears warm and everything else seems to look after itself once you get going. Fab run in frost and full moon as the sun came up this morning. And C25k meant I was out there to see it!

  • Hi, I'm new and glad to be with people in the same boat as me. Week 9, Run 1 completed yesterday and I'm due to graduate on Friday as you all seem to be. I was a complete non-runner for all my life. I was 56 yesterday and plan to keep running now I've got the bug.

    I am slow too Sarah but I don't give a stuff. Finishing is what it's all about. Maybe as we get better at this running lark the speed will increase as our fitness improves.

  • Same for me, just done r1 wk9 and hope to graduate by the weekend. From reading these great forums I don't think the pace or distance matters its just the fact that you can run non-stop for 30 mins that matters which if you were like me 8 weeks ago puffing like a steam train after 60 seconds is a monumental achievement in itself! Best of luck for r2

  • Misswobble I'm 55 & I'm slow but like you say who cares ! Can't wait to do r2 of wk 9 tomorrow . Well done .

  • Great to read these posts about speed. As I confess I am a little bit obsessed about it. I am due to do run 3 of week 6 tonight and feel disheartened that running for longer seems to bring my speed right down, and I feel I could walk the distance faster. I am sure that come week 9 I will not be running 5k in 30 minutes. However, your comments help me keep perspective about what's important i.e. the running. Good luck to everyone and keep running, no matter how slow, just keep putting one foot in front of the other! :)

  • I'm finding exactly the same thing. I use mapmyrun, and looking at the site I can't actually distinguish between the parts I walk and the parts I run by looking at my pace. I figure it will come in time though !

  • Hi ajwyld, I use Runkeeper and that does actually show you a graphic of your pace at any particular point so I can see the peaks and troughs. But what really got me was a friend of mine went for her first run post-operative yesterday so she says she took it steady, just a slow one...she ran over 4 miles with an average speed of 9 minutes per mile - here's me getting overjoyed at getting sub 13 minutes! The trouble is, because I've done that once, my brain says I should do that every time. So I need to keep chanting the mantra...It's not how fast you run, it's how long you run for. Speed will improve if that's what's important (which I guess it is to me!)

  • Having written the above I went for today's run in the cold - which definately got me moving faster than so far and took me above 4k for the whole podcast for the first time.

  • Well done you! I'm thinking tonight might be a good opportunity to break in at least part of the Santa costume ahead of the Santa run run.

  • I never thought I'd run 5k in 30 mins. Managed 4.25k on W8R3, then went out with a more experienced friend on Sun for W9R1 (she just ran my run alongside me) and I did 5.02k in the 30 mins. It was bloody hard work though, I had a hangovet and it was freezing. Still suffering from shin splints today and trying to graduate on Friday! I've achieved more in the last 13 weeks than I ever have. Still haven't lost a single pound though x

  • Well done. Like you I completed wk 9 run 1 yesterday. Just glad to be running 30 mins. What an achievement. Im dreading the cold especially running along the canal, hoping I dont take an early dip due to frost!!! Lol here's to the grad weekend. I've bever graduated at anything before. Exciting! Well done again.

  • Wow, so many people due to graduate this Friday - fab! I am getting a little worried about the cold now!! It's fine once you;re running but it's just that first warm-up bit - brr! Why did the cold weather have to appear this week?

    Well, we know we've all got good will power so I'm sure we'll all brave it! Good luck all!

  • Keep going everyone. Graduation feels great! I'm onto to my second post graduation week and working on stamina and speed. I'm still slow, but I'm a runner for the first time in my life and that's what I love most of all!

  • Well done to all of you! I graduated a couple of weeks ago and like you all was just chuffed to be running for 30mins. 2 days after graduation I ran the Barrow park run with my OH. A Hilly 5k done in 39.13. Had to walk a couple of times up the hills but I did it. I have since ran several timed 5 ks with my OH and have a new pb of 36.56. Doing York Park Run in a week and a half then back to Barrow the week before Christmas. You can all do it!

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