I have been troubled with tendonitis in my right leg which the running has be aggravating. I decided to do HIT cycling on my bike on a stand indoors as per Michael Moseley and his Fast Exercise routine. I could manage that without setting the pain off again. I then got in touch with WY Go cycling with a view to getting myself cycling instead of running for the time being. Well today a lovely chap came to show me some cycle maintenance, replaced 2 gear cables and was generally most helpful.

Then came the time to cycle up and down our cul-de-sac. He set off. I tried to set off, slipped and fell - in less than half a metre!!! Landed hard on my weak leg trying to avoid falling on to his car (I did manage to hit his wing mirror)

The pain is incredible. Red hot pain around the tendon above the ankle and a severe cramp type of pain at the top of my calf muscle. I can barely walk at the moment. I have an appointment with my GP on Monday so will have to see how I go on. The Go cycling tutor thinks I would be better going to a sports physio. I felt really embarrassed because he had been so helpful fixing my bike and I had hopes of being up to cycling all over the place after this session about road safety. Not to be I'm afraid. But boy is it painful. :(

I am feeling really sorry for myself now.


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27 Replies

  • Ouch. That sounds painful! Hope it's not as bad as it sounds and you're back on that bike soon :)

  • It is - incredibly painful!

  • Oh you poor thing! Take it easy, especially until you can see your Doctor. Fingers crossed that some rest and being thoroughly spoiled for a day or two (very important part of injury recovery) will see you back on your feet.

  • Thank you, I will be good. No choice - I can barely walk. I mean hardly - I don't usually do bare walking, it frightens the neighbours!

  • Oh bloomin 'eck Beek - how GHASTLY! Kanckered leg and knackered pride. A double whammy. Gosh I do hope GP can aim you in the right direction for some swift treatment. Are you gobbling ibuprofen to keep the pain away?

    Sending get well soon vibes! X

  • Thanks, Dan. Do you think life is trying to tell me to give up? I hope not! Will try the Ibuprofen.

  • Absolutely NOT! We C25K'ers are made of sterner stuff! Go forth and repair yourself - so what if it takes time, the main thing is to focus on running again. And you will. Deffo.

  • Thanks Dan. Just as I was really enjoying it too! You are right - I will get myself better - and then Look out Mo - I'm coming after you!

  • Oh dear, that's terrible! I hope it's not too bad when you see the Dr. I tripped last night walking and have hurt my ankle and I'm hobbling, it's swelling up nicely! What are we like? I have friends much fitter than me and they say that this fitness lark is just not good for you. Hope it gets better soon.

  • I'm with Dan - repair is in order. Ibuprofen and GP for certain, but never lose sight of running again... might take some time to get back out there but you will do it... No giving up and no surrender!

    For now though - take care of yourself! Sounds awful... rest up!

  • Will be thinking of you and I hope that at the very least you get some good pain relief... I have felt similarly damned in our family's attempts to get cycling last year (I still have the dent in my thigh from the last day of the Summer holidays...) But we shall be out there again one way or another!

  • Oh Beek, that sounds terrible, the immediate pain and hurt plus the disappointment as you were hoping to get moving through cycling for the time being. However, fingers crossed it's short term injury and in the meantime the main thing is to take care of yourself. Painkillers, rest and hopefully someone running after you for a bit. It's hard when things just seem to keep happening, take heart though, I had three months of not running with one thing after another and got back up to 30 minutes pretty easily. It's perfectly understandable that you are feeling sorry for yourself - we are all feeling sorry for you too! But don't despair, take time to get your leg sorted and keep it in your head you are a runner and a cyclist (?). Cos of course, you are. x

  • Ouch!! I always knew cycling was dangerous, despite AncientDad's insistence that it is the best of all exercises (apart from cricket!) Do take care m'dear (and ibuprofen) until you can get some proper medical advice. Hopefully it will won't be anything too serious. Fingers crossed for you

  • Oh for gosh sakes beek what are you like!

    You are forced to rest up now! Knowing your can-do attitude you won't be laid up for long

  • Nooooooo...Beek that's just...well...I think it's unprintable!! So sorry for you, I really hope you get yourself fully fit once and for all before long, and get back to enjoying your running and cycling again.

  • Oh Beek, what a terrible shame. You have tried so hard to get out there and keep your fitness levels up; it would have been great for you to have the break you deserve. So sorry about the pain, I hope that you have managed to take something to lessen it. I think a sports physio would be good as my GP was next to useless with muscle/joint/tendon concerns. Good luck with your recovery, I hope it's speedy.

  • Crikey Beek that's just not good at all. rest up, leg elevated and cold pack to help reduce any swelling. A stiff drink and early bed would be in order. Hope the pain eases very quickly for you and its not too serious. Big hug ( 0 )

  • Oh Beek ! That sounds so painful . Can only echo what everyone else has said, Ibuprofen and maybe the gel as well. Hope youre feeling better soon, and youre soon back on track. Take care, lots of TLC :-) xxx

  • So sorry to hear that, Beek. :-( How awful; I really hope it's nothing too serious and that it will be sorted with RICE and rest. I'm inclined to think perhaps the physio will be more beneficial as they will be expert in this sort of thing. I'm not convinced a GP will be too helpful, but there's no harm in going to see your GP. I hope this hasn't put you off bicycling! Hope you're feeling better and out running and riding soon! :-)

  • You poor thing , that's terrible . Don't you go thinking about giving up , you will heal & be cycling in no time . See the g.p & follow his advice , & it goes without saying we are all here for you . That's really bad luck today , keep your chin up luv. Xx

  • oh no - i hope the pain eases soon!!! take it easy and i wish you a speedy recovery!

  • Such bad luck. Hope it feels better by morning.

    Take care.

  • Oh no. I hope it gets better soon and the doc can help. Take care.

  • Oh no Beek how awful. Bet that really hurt. I feel a bit responsible as I said you should try cycling! Sorry!

    I agree that a sports physio would be a good option at this stage. You will get out there again, it might take a little time but you'll be there. Take care of yourself and listen to the experts' advice. I'm sending you lots of TLC ........

  • Oh no Beek - what bad luck :-(

    Hope it is not as nasty as it sounds. I find drink helps in these circumstances....

  • Update. Went to the GP today and saw a locum doctor. Told her I needed 2 things from her: Advice on resting or exercising and pain control. She showed me a stretching exercise which made her flinch - she too is troubled with tendonitis. She has referred me for physio straight away and I asked if she is a runner. She is, so understood full well where I am coming from. She recommends non impact activity like swimming and cycling and prescribed painkillers. So, I feel progress can now be made - which is a relief! I'll keep you posted on what exercises I have to do.

    HAPPY RUNNING, those of you who can! :)

    A big thank you to all of you for your concern, advice and support. It means a lot!

  • Update posted on 16/7/2014:

    Saw doctor yesterday who told me she was referring me for physio. Got letter with choose and book options this morning. The next available appointment is on 2 SEPTEMBER!!!

    I asked if there was anything quicker than that and the reply was 'Well it could be up to an 18 week wait' CRIKEY!!

    So now what? Continue to hobble around whilst the rest of my skeleton starts paining and complaining? Think I'll have to bite the bullet and go privately. Not a happy bunny at the moment!

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