Any ex-smokers out there? Feeling really low and due to start Week 3 tomorrow....Struggling and not proud of myself !!!

I have been off the ciggies for 4 weeks but seem to have hit a wall. Unfortunately my downfall is a glass of wine and stupidly purchased a pack of 10 last night !! What am I doing? I completed Week 2 and was so proud of myself and need to start Week 3 tomorrow but feel already that I have let myself down big time.....Dont like this feeling and need to get back on track. I know how much healthier I feel without the demon tobacco and yet it seems to draw me in when im relaxed. Maybe I need to join a no smoking forum too, lol... I am determined to do my run tomorrow but feel my performance will not be as good, running for 3 mins sounds scary right now, but I guess that will be my wake up call !! Any advice appreciated...Feeling pretty low about it all. :-(


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  • Tricky one this, I've not had or wanted a smoke for just over 8 years but tried to give up countless times before that. The sneaky little beggars used to give me all sorts of reasons to buy them and then I would feel bad about myself when I listened to them and gave in. However, I just think I wasn't quite ready to give up each of those many many times and then one day 16th January 2004 I was. I obviously don't want to encourage you to smoke but really, don't beat yourself up about it. Look at the positive things.....4 weeks without a smoke.....that isn't easy. A new exercise regime that we all know is very difficult and you are looking forwards to week 3 therefore sounds like you are not giving up on that. So, you've had a slip up, it's done and it's not the end of the world. Just get out there tomorrow and do that run, no matter how slowly, and chalk up another achievement. Perhaps as you feel the benefits of the running, the feeling of achievement, the need for the little beggars will lessen. Just don't be too harsh on yourself, the road to success and change often involves tiny steps. Wishing you lots of luck. :)

  • Thank you so much for this. I did stop smoking for almost 3 years but unfortunately the dreaded drug hit me again. I am determined to continue running and stop the drug and hitting 40 in June with 2 kiddies is keeping me going. Thanks for your support :-)

  • Tomorrow is a new day; none of this is easy and you should feel proud of what you have achieved so far. Your determination will pay off. You've done it before so you know that quitting is achievable.

    Let us know how your run goes tomorrow. :)

  • I'm lucky that tobacco does nothing for me. But my husband found Paul Mckenna's Quit Smoking CD really helpful. He listened to it as he went to sleep solidly for a month and he didn't have any cravings. Might be worth a go.

  • Hello, it's tough and I've not achieved it yet so i'm not the ex smoker you were looking for. I have however managed to stop the morning cigarette when I get up on a run day - my breathing is so much better having had the last smoke around 9 the night before. Then I can sometimes get to the afternoon on a run day before I even have a smoke. Sometimes it's 3 a day, sometimes it's 10 :( ( I roll ). I've spoken to the Dr and I can self refer to my local smoking cessation group as i think I need a little assistance with nicotine replacement.

    Don't be hard on yourself. For me and the new running ambitions I have for myself I know I have to make a very real choice between smoking and running.

    Good luck with both :)

  • Dont worry about your little blip, Tomorrow is a new day. I have been cutting down the fags for 6-8 weeks now and im down to about 7 a week im on wk3 r2 tomorrow and the phyisical and mental benifits of running and cutting down on the fags far out way the want to be a couch potato and a 20 a day smoker again. I have tryed alsorts of quitting methods before and this time i tought id just cut down and ween my self off slowly, i even carry my baccy with me all the time its like a saftey blanket all mental i know but my target is to be totaly off the fags by the time im on wk 9. I dont what to rush the quit as i always fail so 12 weeks weening WILL sort it once and for all. Keep up the positive steps to a healther lifestyle and dont knock your self too much for a blip or you might just slip into the mind of 'sod it' and quit it all and return to the 'old' lifestyle Small steps=Great rewards. :) Good Luck

  • One of my relatives found it was the running that enabled him to give up - the better he got at the running, the less he felt a cigarette was worth compromising it for.

  • Open the curtains.....its a whole new day, and today is your day to focus and achieve anything you want.

  • Too true googleme. I am an ex-smoker who still lapses when in pub! Smoked about 5 a week until starting couch to 5k.I have smoked a few whilst doing programme still ... The running has made it increasingly harder to enjoy a cigarette and I have replaced one addiction for another now! I look at a cigarette and think, slower run really kind to yourself and the programme will take you onwards away from the cravings-cycle! I also did a stop smoking nhs programme about 4 years ago and did work to stop my then 20 a day habit!

  • Hi, I gave up the cig's last October and have several relapses....And that's all they are, relapses, A Little glitch, don't beat yourself up about a glitch, just get back out there and fight your demons!!You have the right mind set or you wouldn't be feeling so bad. Do your best, don't give up and keep talking to us lot :)

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