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Finally done W8R1

Hi everyone,

I've not posted for a while, started C25K in August, did week 7 a couple of weeks ago, but then somehow let things slip somewhat for various reasons (holiday/weather/laziness!). However this weekend I suddenly got scared I was about to ruin all the progress I'd made so far, so tonight after work I forced myself out to attempt W8R1. Didn't really think I'd be able to complete the 28 mins after not running for 2 weeks, but managed to plod through to the end! SO happy and relieved! Graduation is now just round the corner :)



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Firstly well done, you should be so proud of yourself for getting straight back into where you left off!!! I am stuck at the exact same point. I'm hoping to get back out later today.

Good luck with the rest of your runs and graduation!! :-)


Thanks Mel! It does suddenly seem like so much more of an effort to get out when you get to the final weeks doesn't it?! I hope you manage to get out today, you will feel on top of the world - I think I was happier at the end of last nights run than I was at the end of W5R3!

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Well done sarah-b!! I was stuck a few weeks matter what was happening I kept avoiding W7R3. I think it was the psychological thing of going from 2x10 to 25 minutes. Anyway, after repeating week 7 about three times, I finally got up last Monday morning and forced myself to do it. The high afterwards was amazing. I'm going out to do W8R2 tomorrow and like you, feel I'm almost at the 'finish' line. Just want to make sure I stay motivated after graduating, but am just amazed that from being a 'non-runner' I am now happily jogging along and sometimes even in the fabled 'zone'. Good luck and keep posting!! :-)


Thanks a lot promqueen! We are so close :-) Talking of staying motivated after graduating, have you seen the C25K+ podcasts? I am planning on using those when I graduate to improve speed and stamina. Also I tracked my run with the Nike+ app a few weeks ago which I plan to do regularly as it seems like that will be quite motivating as well- you can see your progress which makes you want to try and beat your previous time/distance/whatever. Good luck!!


That all sounds great and I will have a look yes! Did run 2 today and it was one of those rare, totally 'in the zone' times. Loved it. We can cheer one another across our virtual finish line :-D


Hey, well done! We spoke in Week 5, can't believe we're nearly there. Feels like it's taken ages with holidays and clocks going back have meant I'm running twice a week on average rather than 3 times. I finished Week 8 tonight. Good luck with the final push! X


Hiya! It's taken me the same time as you, as I also finished week 8 tonight! I did manage to find some excuses to delay my running, but seem to be back on track now - well done us! Good luck for next week! x


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