Week 7 Run 1

Not much to report except that as much as I was dreading going out I did it!!!! yeah! I changed my route just because as it gets darker I want to avoid certain areas. However I didn't expect this route to be as hilly a it was. Nevertheless I plodded on. A few times I wanted to stop but just kept thinking how fantastic I would feel on finishing. Hoping I can graduate before weather gets really bad. (Optimist Olivia!)


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12 Replies

  • Yey! Well done!! How lovely to hear a positive post. Hilly bits too, look at you! :) I eagerly await your graduation post :) happy running!

  • Thank you.

  • Wow! I graduated last week and confess that I haven't really done anything that could properly be called 'hilly' so I feel that you're probably further on the me!! Well done and congratulations!

  • Whose a clever Mum2 then?! Well done you. That's an epic achievement - especially since you changed your route. They say a change is as good as a rest - maybe they're right! Proper running Mummy now! :-D

  • woo hoo ....as Laura says - now you're a runner!

  • I did the W7R1 on Sunday, and this was the week I decided to go outside. I've done all my training on a treadmill, on the flat, in a warm gym so far. It made me laugh that in the walking intro Laura said, why don't you try something different - go outside if you've been training on a mill - I was doing just that. I'd been inside because the hill between my house and the sea was, in my head, just enormous. But I managed it & felt really smug. I wasn't so chuffed when I had to walk for about 30seconds after the second long hill. I just keep thinking, well next time I won't need that walk, because I'll be expecting it, and at least I kept going while I was on the hill.

    I never, ever thought I'd like running. I am becoming rather a bore on the effects of it. I've lost 3.5 stone while doing this too, and my weightloss is always much better when I do manage the 3 runs per week.

    Aren't we all great?! :)

  • Yes I think we are great! 7 weeks and running 25 mins!!! I was told it would be impossible at the beginning! Now I'm laughing in their face!!! Congrats on the 3.5 stone. I've not lost a pound. Not changed my diet however but have toned up. Will you try outside again? Nearly there, keep going.

  • Great achievement mum2the boys I really admire you running up hills My runs are all flat apart from a tiny tiny slope in park - probably only rises about 6 gently ft. But every time I come to it I think oh my goodness the HILL!!! Respect to all who take on hills

  • Only the once!!! Not been on that route again. The flat for me!!

  • Congratulations on a fantastic run, I am off out in a few minutes to do my WK7 R2

    Not looking forward to the cold and dark but I am going out with my son tonight ( he is an ultra marathon runner) so at least we get to have a chat and a giggle

  • You are good! Chatting while running!!!!!! That is amazing. *applaus* go for it and enjoy.

  • Thank you hee hee you will get the hang of it, my son always says to me if you can't talk you are running too fast and as his last ultra was 62 miles I think it's a pretty good idea to listen to him lol........we did my WK7-R2 stopped for a quick celebration sip of water and then walked for a bit then finished running to make a total of 5k took me 51 mins in total so not record breaking but we splashed in puddles and really had good fun

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