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Unsure about WK8 - Advice needed

Week seven was not great, R1 did the 25 mins no problem, r2 my mind let me down and turned into a combination of 4 walks and 4 runs as got to my 1 mile marker and just stopped - didn't think about it my body just stopped running, then couldn't get back in any rhythm. I was disappointed (1st failure) but tried to sort my head out and last night did r3 and completed the full 25 mins but don't feel I could have gone any further. Now I am unsure if I should progress to wk 8 or try another wk7 run?

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I'm totally with you on this one. I just can't get to grips with wk7 as i found i couldn't complete the 25 mins without a 2 min walk in the middle. So today I've just come back from a run, with hubby as coach, and managed 28 mins non stop. So, like you, should i put wk7 down as a distant nightmare and just move forward to wk8?


I think you should both just go for it! X


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