Wk8, done.

Not easy again. Found I went so much slower than r2 when I'd run with my son, but ran for longer. I don't have any technology - just go by trees and minutes on the clock. What I mean by that is that I finished my 28 mins about half a mile or so before r2 but thought I wasn't going to have that so ran on to where I'd finished r2, then checked the clock and saw I'd run for 31 mins. At least I know I can run for 30 mins even though I only get as far as the end of the road (only joking). Really looking forward to week 9 now (wow!).


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  • Well done Buffy Week 8 tick. Enjoy week 9 and start planning your party for graduation

  • Thanks - its my speech I'm trying to perfect!

  • well done Buffy :D bottom line you have done it :D there are times when we rely on tech for stats etc , nice to run naked for a change :D

  • Don't think the neighbours would appreciate that! But I know what you mean - lovely to hear the birdsong too above the music.

  • Yay, Buffy, super stuff! Final week, here you come. We can really do this!!

  • You on this forum again! Thanks. Yes, here we go. (I was lucky - it wasn't raining on me)

  • Yes, I actually think I need help!!

  • Get ready to party!!!! Only a few more runs and you've done itπŸŽ“

  • Thinking of arranging a flypast under the Humber Bridge.

  • Well done, Buffy, nearly there now!

  • Thanks - so close. So exciting. Madness.

  • Woo Hoo Buff, !

    LETS GET READY TO RHUMBLE !!!! Ha ha :-)

    Well done Lass, Week 9 is just round the corner , go for it ! :-)

    You can do it ! xxx

  • Eee By Gum - can't believe it.

  • Hey Oop ! :-D xxx

  • Glad to see you're keeping your spirits up with all these runners left right and centre - when do you get yourself sorted?

  • I am going on Monday 6pm . Cant come quick enough for me , I tell ya ! :-)

    Runon on here really hit a chord with something he wrote the other day. " You can be fixed, its just finding the right fixer "

    Im feeling very happy at the moment , or maybe its cabin fever hysteria ha ha :-D xxx

  • Yes, you'll be fixed - that's a cert. Good luck with the fixer then. If not, just buy some glue.

  • I think I need rubbing out and drawing in again :-)

    Thanks Buff xxx

  • Well done Buffy. W8 is behind you now and you KNOW you can do week 9. So week 9 is just practice. Three runs to go. You could still finish with a parkrun :)

  • Well, I've registered but still not decided. I suppose if I am last it will make everyone else feel good!

  • Well done Buffy. I just did w8R2 this morning, it's all coming together, isn't it. Good luck with finishing the programme.

  • Thank you and to you. Your run sounded glorious.

  • There are so many people on here saying 'running outside is better!' and I take exception to that. Running outside IS NOT better. Doing what you prefer is better for you.

    Everybody doing C25K is diferent, but we all have one thing in common. We all were unfit and made the effort to start running. Whether we are doing it on a treadmill or outside or both we are all 'better' than we were when we started.

    In terms of fitness or calories burnt running outdoors or on the treadmill neither is 'better'. They are slightly different in experience but that is all. People who state that running outdoors is 'better' are simply stating that they personally enjoy it. They may believe that everyone should be running outdoors, but that is nothing more than opinion.

    Do not get caught up in this argument if you are a new runner, and if you are an experienced runner please don't state one is 'better' as this can be hugely demoralising and damaging to someone who is struggling.

    For those struggling with pace running outdoors for the first time have a look online for apps (or podcasts) called 'running metranome'. Use it once on the treadmill to get the beat rights and understand how yo run with it. It wakes the transition to outdoors so much easier.

    Whatever you are doing, be it treadmill, outdoors, on a track, round a park, along the beach, on a rural path, on the pavement or even running in circles it is SO MUCH BETTER than sitting on the couch.

  • Well said - particularly the bit about 'we were all unfit and made the effort ...' And don't we all feel so much better. I've not been this excited since I don't know when!

  • Don't know how, but I posted this on the wrong thread. Sorry! I've copied and pasted it to where it was meant to go. Oops!

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