Week 1 Run 1

Hello, I have been reading the posts for the last few weeks and have found them incredibly inspirational. I was fitted for running shoes sometime ago but (I don't know why) it's taken me until tonight to actually do week 1 run 1 - I think I am hugely afraid of failing, afraid I suppose of looking stupid but I am building myself up which is why I am posting this now. At 20:00 I shall be stepping out my front door to start my journey to 5K. I have been debating whether I should run with my two dogs but that may prove dangerous. I think it is so motivational reading others experiences - thank you Rachel


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  • Go, go, Mrs Determined. Conquering fear has been a big part of this for me, but I'm learning to face it each time and winning. Week 7 now. You can do it!

  • Thinking of you out there running at this very minute ! The programme works, honestly. Just take it slow, remember Laura tells you it's a light jog you are aiming for. This first run is indeed the start if something special... I hope you really enjoy the achievements you will experience along the way. Go for it ! Then tell us how it went :)

  • The first step out the door is a major step, and I'm sure you will very quickly relish the challenge each new week brings! You won't regret it. Best of luck, let us all know how you get on :)

  • The biggest step is the one you took at 8pm. The first week is so tough, just the feeling of running again is so different and something many of us haven't done for years.

    The best advice I gleaned from this community is to take it slowly. It's not a race. Your body will get used to the exercise, you may get a few aches along the way. The main hurdle to overcome is often the mental challenge of running for 1 minute, 5 mins or 20 mins. You will do it, take heart from those of us like me who struggled with week 1 and repeated it. The dark evenings do have the advantage of anonymity !

    Hope your first outing went well

  • Thank you all very much for your support. My 9 year old decided he wanted to come with me (just as well half term or he would have been in bed!!). I can't download the pods so I got the app "couch to 5k". Definitely need to put earphones in when go out on Saturday and reverse the square as it's all uphill the one way. Having matthew with me was great support and so nice to come back and see all of your supportive messages. I could only jog I didn't run in the running intervals and I need to work out clothing as I was very cold to begin with during the 5 minute warm up. Doing jillian michaels 30 day shred so that should help build my stamina. Thanks again and I shall look forward to Saturday. Rachel

  • Keep going Mrs Determined. Nobody 'ran' slower than me during Week1. In fact I think the word 'run' is misleading as it implies speed. The important thing is that as some point during the stride , for however short a time, you have both feet off the ground. I think it's irrelevant at this stage how fast you run or how long your stride is. Do what's comfortable for you. And then maybe one day to your surprise, you could find yourself comfortable going just that little bit faster :-)

  • Great that you went out and that you had your son for company. With each run you will gain confidence- and start smiling at the thought of running....jogging whatever - moving faster and off the couch is the aim.

    Well done for taking that great step forward :-)

  • Well done for getting going! We all sounded like you on our first run! If your app has 'running intervals' you must be on a slightly different programme I guess? I don't have an ianything for the podcasts but downloaded the MP3 versions instead. Are you able to do that? The programme works - trust it and you'll love it! Good luck :-)

  • Yey, you did it! You will never regret getting out there and starting this journey. The amount of times I have dragged my feet along and stumped them on the floor in front of people, but you know what, even if I fall over I am still doing it. I am still doing better then I would be if I was sat at home! You can do this, keep up updated with where you are too. Look forward to hearing from you again :)

  • Once you've done it a few times and managed to complete a few weeks you'll want to keep going because you get such a kick out of doing something that you couldn't do before!

    It looks like you might have a little running partner there! Well done and good luck!

  • I felt the same - a bit of phony runner, and I run like Phoebe in friends so I have been told :D I have just finished week 1 plus an extra half mile swim. I think once u start the fear subsides ... just start. Xxx

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