Edinburgh Trams not living up to expectations

Well not as a running route for me!

Okay the trams are still to start running ( 3 years late but who's counting?) but there is a section near my house that I have been spying out as a good running route. Not the tram line I hasten to add but there is a cycle/ walking path runs alongside it.

So I head out yesterday lunchtime, wind is really strong but I am determined to get to 5 k. After 5 minutes on my usual route I head onto the tram line, only to realise that tram lines can go up hills! I assumed ( stupidly) that it would be like a railway line - FLAT! So there I am running into a semi hurricane ( maybe a slight exaggeration there) and having to go up a long slow incline. Aargh!

I was jiggerd by the time I got off the path. I did continue running until I had to stop at 33 minutes when I ran out of energy. Looked at my Garmin, hopeful that I would have done at least 4.6 k... And it was 4.17 ! Slowest time yet. I am consoling myself that running into wind and up and incline must be good for building stamina and burning calories but I will be looking for a calm day before I repeat that route.

5 k is still my goal!

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  • Hi lizziebeth57! This sounds so much like my run 10 minutes ago! I tried to find a new route which had several inclines - new feature for me. Worked very hard at it all with my own Queen soundtrack which finished too soon. Just ploughed on in silence, convinced I had gone about 6km but checked and have only gone 4.35km in 50 minutes! Glorious sunny morning - really lovely - but very very cold. Wish I'd put gloves on.

    I'm sure that running against the strong wind must use more energy! Hope it's easier next time!

  • 50 minutes though... that's impressive. I will be keen to hear how you get on next time.

  • You're still faster than a tram! ;-) I regularly use the train from Edinburgh park and that looks one long long straight haul on the tram line towards saughton!

  • ha ha, I doubt if that will be the case for long! I am glad you think it looks like a long haul, because it really did feel like it.... Going another route today. Still wanting to get nearer to that magical 5k.

  • Hi well done for trying it running in the wind ain't easy! I live in Edinburgh and although I'm yet to sign up for a parkrun on the Saturday the blue start line is there all the time at Cramond so I have been running that ( the wind can be a killer). Like yourself I wanted the elusive 5k under my belt after graduation and a guarantee that I had actually run it so it might be an idea to try it if you haven't already done....

  • I often walk it, especially when I am looking after my son's dog, but have been waiting until i knew I could do the 5k before I signed up. Away this weekend, and usually have yoga on a saturday morning, but I know there is a Saturday in November the yoga is off, so that's decided then. Park run on Saturday 9th November...if I don't chicken out! Might see you there :)

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