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Week 9 Run 3 done - Can't believe it - what next?


Did my last run this afternoon and felt really good. I feel such a sense of achievement. Does any one have any tips about continuing - further faster or just consolidating - I know I did not complete 5K so would like to speed up. Has anyone tried the C25K+ podcasts?

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It depends what your aim is: speed or distance. I find it best to set a goal and work towards it: a race you're going to run in, a time goal, an extended distance. Whatever you choose, you can find a running programme to work with. Good luck!


No harm in continuing with what you are doing, then when you get bored move on to the couch 25k+ podcasts. You could also just run on after the end go the 30 minutes gradually increasing your running time. It's nice to listen to Laura's praise again and again, and why not, You did it. X


You can go onto stepping stone, speed or staminia podcast that you can use. I find I get bored and have to change it up to keep it fresh.....


Congratulations! It's a great feeling isn't it. Hope you are going to get your wee badge now.

This is a great question. I graduated about 3 weeks ago and have just been consolidating but I am beginning to push myself again as I want to get to 5 k. Think this will take about 37 minutes. Once I do that, I plan to do a park run the. Try sow of the other podcasts to improve. Agree about having a goal though.


Hi, Well done, I too graduated last week. So far this week I did a 5k+ run podcast on Monday and it was hard going but I did it. Yesterday my battery was dead so I ran without music and it was fine, I just followed one of the routes I have been using so I knew I had a good run. As long as you keep running all will be well. If you have a smart phone you could try one of the free Map My Run aps to keep track of your running, I have been Googling 'free running music' etc to see what's around for download.


I also graduated this week and tried out one of the stepping stones podcasts in a effort to keep the momentum up. I enjoyed it and think I will use them to get up to 5k which I'm quite a way off at the moment. I found that I liked running to a beat as you don't have to worry about how fast to go. Good luck with keeping going and congratulations

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