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Oh good grief, my lungs!

For those of you who know about these things, my pre-run peak-flow measurement was 430, which is normal for me.

I went out and ran 43 minutes and covered 3 miles. There were a few stops in there, but I didn't count those in the time or distance. It was the longest time and the furthest that I've run. The air was much colder than I anticipated and I could feel it burning in my oesophagus for the first 10 minutes, but after that I was fine.

But (isn't there always a but?) 7 hours later and my peak-flow is 210 and I'm struggling. I'm making noises like a cow giving birth when I breathe in and a draughty barn door in a gale when I breathe out. If I use any more Ventolin I'll have too much of a tremour to handle a mug of Earl Grey!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my lungs will recover before work tomorrow.

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Hi Sian

Bloody hell that sounds bad! You really have pushed yourself too far and hard this time. You could end up on a nebuliser if your breathing doesn't settle down. How are you now? x


I'm not quite so noisy now. My lungs are just tired now. X


Ooooo. You've jumped up the distance/time really fast there. (I know, I did it too! It's that pesky '5k' phrase.) 10% per week increase would only take you to 33 minutes a week after graduation.

Hope you're lungs calm down soon. Slow and steady... Take care EGS.


Hello. At the risk of teaching my granny to suck eggs - are you using your ventolin before you go out? Have you spoken to your asthma nurse - or is there a respiratory sports physio you can access. There are Olympic athletes with asthma so there must be ways of dealing with it. 210 isn't good - I'd be wanting to give you steroids. If you don't pickup soon you should speak to someone.


Yes I use Ventolin before going out. Ii have an emergency pack of steroids which I shall start tomorrow if my peak flow is still below 350.

Thanks for caring though :-)


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