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My poor lungs :-( But I'm happy :-)

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I'm sure I'm not the only one to suffer in the cold air. It was very cold yesterday, but I managed with the cold air, after the first few minutes my breathing settled down. But when I stopped my lungs felt like they were going to burst and I couldn't stop doing little coughs, it was really weird. I'm not sure if it is just the air temperature or the fact that I used to smoke.

My throat and lungs feel a little 'raw' this morning, I think I'll have a nice honey/lemon drink later and try to find that link I saw a week or two ago to some nice scarves/neck tubes on eBay

Still, it was worth it! I'm still glowing from my run and feel much better equipped to take on the world today. I've just packed my daughter off to squash training, will crack on with some not so nice tasks/phone calls then I'm off to meet some friends on the south bank in London, at the christmas market. Hoping to nip into Fortnums for some stocking fillers for little cousins (I always thought that was an expensive shop, but popped in the other week following an interview and discovered some lovely little 'traditional' pressie ideas for 5-10 quid!)

Have a lovely Sunday everyone! :-)

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I know what you mean about the scratchy throat -- it's a mixture of the cold and the beginning of the run. Once you settle in, I think it generally settles down. Thanks Vix, and you have a great Sunday too! Delia x

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I'm the same vixie, my lungs are really feeling it!

Yep my lungs are feeling it too. It is definitely harder work now the temperature has dropped.

Hope your Christmas shopping is going well :)

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Vixie, if you've got an Aldi nearby they are selling neck tubes for £2.99 at the moment as part of their ski-wear promotion.

When it's really cold, I pull mine over my mouth to start with to make the breathing more comfortable. I'm was pretty huffy and puffy today though !

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Thanks everyone, glad to know its not just me, although sorry to hear you all suffer the same, if you know what I mean!

Aldi just up the road, will pop over there tomorrow, thank you!

I didn't make it out to the market Rollertoaster, I was just slapping on some facepaint when I got a text to say it was cancelled, several people had cried off so it was abandoned. I was tempted to go up anyway, but I could do with saving the train fare. I'm hoping to have an interview in the next week or so, I can plan extra time around that ;-)

I did clear a load of clutter today, sorted out a few things for the charity shop and tidied up. Shame to not be outside in the sunshine, but the extra clutter from my brother's flat was getting me down (on top of my own clutter), so it was very worthwhile as I always feel like a weight has been lifted when I have a clear out. I've also filled the bookshelves I brought from his flat with the selection of books I'd like to keep, so it was a more positive day than yesterday :-) And I got rid of the summer sale 'bargains' that I didn't get around to returning because they didn't fit - it wasn't expensive stuff, just a few bits I thought I'd need on holiday, but I decided to give them to the charity shop, complete with labels. I know my limits, I won't car boot or eBay anything with so much going on, best to just get into the xmas spirit and give things away.

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Weird I thought I was the only one who has those small irritating coughs after my run is over. I am not asthmatic but have a bit of an inspiratory wheeze with it too.

goes after about 2 hours.

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