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Week 4 run 3... Had a bad run :(

So the first two runs of week 4 were really good...got easier and easier, and felt a massive sense of achievement. Just got back from the last run of week 4, and it was awful!! I had to stop in the final 5 minute run, which I've never had to before, was hot, headachy, dizzy and my heart just wasn't in it! Dunno what was wrong...I'd left a two day break when I know my body prefers one, had had a big meal last night, and I don't normally run duing the day, and I found the sun and dodging in and out of people really difficult to deal with. Felt really self conscious in the light of day too! I dunno what was wrong. Think I might have been dehydrated too.

Anyway, I'm gutted! Dunno whether to repeat this run considering the others went so well, or move onto the dreaded week 5....

Really disappointed with myself.

A xxx

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Ahhhh Annabel - don't be disappointed with yourself - you have done brilliantly to get this far and you will soon pick up again. Unless you think it would help psychologically, I wouldn't bother repeating this one - from what you say you did at least one 5 minute run, and there's nothing longer than that in week 5 run 1 (and the recovery periods are much longer too) - so have your rest day, then make sure you're comfortable and that all the possible causes you mention are dealt with, then go for it!! (and don't forget to report back here :-) )


Don't worry Annabel, lots of us have bad runs. Just move on but make sure you are not coming down with something. You are doing fantastic. Be kind to yourself, tell yourself something positive every day after all you are not on the couch. :)


Yep, I agree. Try to forget about it, enjoy your rest day and then move on. Eveyone has a bad run every now and then, so focus on the fact that you're doing soooo well, you've had 12 runs and 11 of them have been fantastic....


Hi Annabel89. I finished w5r3 this week and had my first bad run... it happens to everyone from what I can tell from daily scouring of this forum. I would definitely advise having your rest day then pushing on with W5. Without a doubt, you will nail it and it will give you every ounce of confidence back. you definitely can do it without repeating W4... the programme DOES work and your stamina and fitness will get you through it - especially if you go back to your routine (ie avoiding midday sun and crowds). Hope it goes well


Hey everyone, thanks for your lovely comments :) I'll push on with week 5 tomorrow and let you know how it goes! Anything is better than the couch :) xx


Hi everyone, just thought I'd let you know I did week 5 run 1 today and it went really well! Think it was down to your positive words of encouragement :) one day at a time! Xx


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