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First outing for 6 weeks

So, today was the day. Exactly 6 weeks after I last ran, when I pulled a calf muscle. It was also when the weather first became autumnal with damp air which resulted in my lungs having tantrum that lasted a fortnight.

Anyway, now fully recovered, I decided that today would be the day to separate my arse and the couch which were beginning to form a deep and meaningful relationship. I've been exhausted lately, and I knew that by about 4 this afternoon I would be starting to flag. I'm sure many of you know the internal debate that then ensues; I'll go anyway - nah, I'll leave it for today - I'll feel better if I go - it's too much effort etc etc. So, to pre-empt this familiar but tedious internal argument I told 2 colleagues that I was going and for them not to let me leave work unless I was in my running clothes. When running after work I've always found it easier to stop off somewhere on my way home rather than go home and be tempted by the kettle, Earl Grey tea and the sofa.

My plan was to run for 9 minutes, walk for 3 and run for 9, as I didn't know how much fitness I would have lost after 6 weeks of inactivity. So, off I went with Gwendoline Runkeeper set to inform me when each 3 minutes have past. As usual the first 3 minutes were horrible, but after that it didn't get anymore difficult. 9 minutes turned into 12 which turned into 15, 18 and eventually 21 minutes. I was pretty pleased with that, despite being shockingly slow (13 minute miles!!), but the important thing is that it's restored some confidence. Roll on Thursday!!

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Whoopeeee! Both for getting back out and doing it so successfully!


It's good to know that you haven't lost all that hard-won fitness. I can imagine how that plays on your mind if you've been out of action for a while. See how fit you still are! Well done. Why does it always feel like running is the most unnatural thing every time you start though?


That's fantastic and I am so pleased for you that It worked out so well. Be interesting to see if yout exhoaustion lifts a bit now you are back running.

Totally relate to the first few minutes being horrible, I always have to remind myself that once I get into the flow it's fine. Amazing how your stamina and fitness was still there, folk have told me that once you are a runner, even if you stop your muscles remember. So, if you were ever in any doubt, you definitely are a runner!


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