Wk2 R2 - Stuggling

Really struggling with week two so far. The first run was a bit of a shock to the system especially as I had found week 1 ok, I was hoping run 2 would be a bit easier but I'm not sure it was. I have managed to do both runs all they way through but I have no idea how I will managed week 3 now! Hopefully run 3 will see a bit of a marked improvement. Fingers crossed.


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  • Hi, i'm pretty scared about week 3 as well, i reckon just take it really slowly and i'm going to go back to week 2 and repeat it if i really struggle. Not sure i can go any slower though! Looks like looks of other people on here have got through it despite being anxious too so i reckon we just need to go for it. Keep posting and good luck.

  • I've just started week 4 (run 1 earlier). Every run so far has been daunting to think about in advance, and fairly tough to do, but not absolutely impossible. I'd say 8/10 in terms of difficulty for almost every run. I was still finding week 2 tough at the end of it and was worried about week 3. I surprised myself by being able to do it. Some of the 3 min runs were very tough for me, but if I slowed down and relaxed, I could keep going. It's not that long really.

    Even week 3 run 3 I wasn't finding it easy, in fact still quite hard. I went out and did week 4 run 1 today anyway, and again surprised to find I could do it, just.

    So, I guess I would say that you might surprise yourself and that you can do a little more than you think you can, and that we are all improving steadily. Not the end of the world though if it goes wrong, looks like others have successfully repeated weeks when they've had bad days and gone on to complete the programme.

  • Each week builds you up - and to be honest none of them get easier as you raise the bar each week. But as you raise the bar you improve each week. I had the same struggles - but just put my faith in the programme - if Laura said I could do it I believed I could.

    Good luck :-)

  • I remember moving from week 2 into week 3 and how I was wondering if I could do it or not. That was some time ago now and now I look back I wondered why I ever doubted myself.

    As previously said, trust in the programme, follow Laura and you WILL do it. Happy running :-D

  • I just did the first run of Week 2 today and could barely put one foot in front of another by the last repeat. I have committed to doing a 5K Fun run in seven weeks and am seriously worried I am being over-ambitious. I am pretty old (68 ) and am wondering if my family is right and I should act my age...

  • Keep going turnturtle. Early days yet. What do they mean act your age? You enjoy yourself. Despite what you feel during the run, nothing can beat that high you get when you finish each run & you think to yourself "I did it!"

  • Keep going peeps :) I can guarantee you can all do it - I've just finished week 6 and was in the same boat as you 4 weeks ago. Keep going, repeat if you need to and most importantly try to relax and enjoy it - as soon as you can do that the rest will come :)

  • Thank you for the encouragement Waletta. I think I may go the gym and try the treadmill now the weather has turned so horrid. I have been running down dirt paths and over stubble fields so far which is probably not the ideal way to go!

  • I completed run 3 last night and it was so much better than run 2. I'm beginning to think I run better in the dark and rain. Fingers crossed for running 3 minutes! Thanks for the pep talk. :)

  • Take each run as it comes, try not to over-think it, go with your body, and you'll get there. Think how far you've come already and believe in yourself.

    turnturtle - I think you're amazing! I thought hubby and I were doing well at 51 and 55! Act the age you feel, which is obviously still young! Good luck with your fun run - you'll smash it!

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