Treadmill thoughts?

I haven't been able to get out since Sunday... Yesterday it was raining really heavy and pitch black by the time I got home from work so I promised myself I'd go out tonight no matter what.

I knew it would be pitch black again, the roads were wet too, so I got home decided to get changed, looked outside and really couldn't face it. Running in the dark doesn't appeal to me at all even though I was so frustrated at missing my run again. I hate the dark nights at this time of year anyway.

Feeling a bit disheartened and don't want to lose track on the programme. My shifts at work are mostly earlies now so I'll be going out in the dark and coming back in the dark.

So I was thinking about investing in a treadmill, I don't want to pay too much as when I can run through the day I will.

Can anyone recommend a decent but not expensive one.



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15 Replies

  • Have a look on the argos pages at treadmills and compare a few, look at customer reviews, also sites like tesco online have some good deals.

    It depends whether you want lots of features such as inclines, different programs or just a basic one. From a quick online search they range from about £159 onwards. There are so many models that it can get confusing.

    I bought a reebok one GT60 after comparing about ten different ones, a bit pricey at around £600 but for me it's a good investment, speakers, fan, inclines, far too many programs to use, cheaper than a couple of years' gym membership and it should hopefully last me for years.

  • Thanks, yep there are so many different ones. I just want a basic one really so that if I can't get out I can still run. I'll have a look at the reviews before I decide on one. Cheers!

  • Try Gumtree or local papers. you can often get good quality exercise equipment fairly cheap. I got a hardly used crosstrainer for 40 quid. Googled the make and model and had been over 300 new.

  • Cheers! I've had a look on gum tree, there's a couple near me..I've enquired about them and am waiting to hear back. :)

  • Sorry to hear you couldn't get out for your latest run debze. Yeah that's the trouble with this time of year isn't it? I really don't think it will do any harm to have an extra day or two of rest though, so I wouldn't panic about it.

    I have also recently purchased a foldup treadmill for the same reason why you're thinking of getting one. I looked at fair few and in the end I went for this one:

    (I hope the link works!) Unfortunately, it won't be delivered until the end of the month as they are out of stock due to its popularity so I can't tell you how it performs. It costs £210 (that includes P&P) which I think is very good.

  • That link works and they look really good, I'd probably go for the cheaper one, I had a look at the reviews and they are excellent. Also the same ones are selling for a lot more on Amazon. It's nice to hear that others use treadmills for the same reason as I was feeling a bit disheartened that I wasn't going out in the dark. Cheers! :)

  • No problem debze :)

    Yeah, I usually buy all my stuff from Amazon but thought I would check out the prices elsewhere and found the cheapest was ebay.

  • Hi debze I bought a secondhand treadmill (£60) and really glad I did. The wet cold weather really puts me and my wife off going out. But now we can keep to the program throughout the bad bad weather. Can't say my wife enjoys running on the treadmill but we get to do the 3 runs a week

  • It is really encouraging to hear that others use treadmills too, I'd rather run outside but when it's dark and wet i just can't get excited about going out for a run lol. The treadmill will help me keep on with the programme.


  • That treadmill looks like good value Lee337 . One other thing I would add debze is that some of the running areas are shorter than others so depending on your stride length a small one might not be long enough. If you're just jogging they should all be okay. Happy hunting!

  • Thanks for the advice! It will certainly help me to decide which one would be best for me :)

  • Just bought a treadmill for dark weekdays when I can't get out into forest, unfortunately it gives me motion sickness, I never realised before I bought it that it was possible, in case anyone else sees this post and finds the info useful 😐

  • oh no! I didn't know you could get that on a treadmill :( I got really bad motion sickness on a ferry so that's a bit worrying.

  • If you have a Nintendo Wii (or similar) you can get running software which tracks your running (while you're holding the nunchuck...or have it stuffed in a pocket) and gives you a first person perspective as you virtually 'run' through various places with different scenery to look at. That might overcome any motion sickness, as your brain will see you going somewhere as well as you actually running there. Hope that helps! :)

  • Maybe you could try out a friends or one at the gym before committing to spending out, you might be fine, but it's quite a bit of money otherwise 😕

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