Inches lost not pounds

I am a reader not a writer that's why this is my first post and I have just completed week 7 run 3. I was getting disillusioned with the program because of my lack of weight loss, zero pounds so far.

I tried on a pair of jeans this morning that I couldn't get past my knees 7 weeks ago, this morning they slipped on no problem ....I think I'm going to throw my scales away.


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8 Replies

  • Strange isn't it. The only weight I have lost is the weight I lost to get started. But like you I have come down in size. Isn't that what really counts after all :-)

    Oh, and you will be a lot fitter.

  • I always measure myself as well as weighing. Muscle weighs more than fat so watching the cm drop off is better than watching the scales that don't sem to move -at least they're not going up! Great feeling when clothes fit better although I think a new wardrobe is in order soon - clothes falling off isn't quite the look I wanted either!! Smile and be happy with your achievements! :-)

  • I am extremely happy with my achievements as we all should be!! I was surprised by how many inches I had lost in relation to nil weight loss. I now have the inspiration to move onto week 8 and beyond

  • I've been dieting, but had my first weight gain this week in 6 months. I'm on week 3. I can see that there is shape emerging from my flabby acreage. There's nothing like a bit of toning up. I'd throw the scales away, too.

  • Yes, I'm with you there. I have kept the same weight but I've been attending 1 to 1 fitness measure/motivation sessions called Bodymorph and rather than weight gain I've improved my heart, improved my lung capacity, lost fat on my calves, gained muscle on my triceps, biceps and calves (wow!) and feel just so good about getting fitter. I thought I wanted to lose weight - but this is better. I'm changing shape :-)) yay!

  • Really encouraged to read these posts. I am on week 7 and if anything have gained a few pounds did think my jeans were feeling a but loose but will now try done if my smaller clothes on and see what happens!

  • I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my body shape was changing. I do slimming world and have not been very good lately but even though I'm nearly a stone over my target weight (which I have reached before) my clothes are fitting better now and I'm slimmer!! It's all due to the running, I love it x

  • This is so true! I have put on over half a stone since starting the programme in June, but have dropped a dress size! My clothes fit me better and I have a confidence I have never had. I eat what I like. This is one of the many reasons I run, I'm bored of calorie counting! I eat what I want then go run it off!

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