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W5R1: new location, time, problems... But done!

So part of the reason I began this programme was that I wanted an exercise that was free, time-flexible and that I could do anywhere. I am a creature of habit though and each run has been lunchtime in regents park- until today- due to next weeks work schedule I had to get a run in this weekend.

New hilly (!) park, and a run in the morning- couldn't figure out if I should have my cuppa or breakfast? I had water and a carrot! Also had to figure out what to do with house keys (sports bra!).

But, it all went well! Feeling pumped for r2!

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Great stuff. Your'e a week ahead of me so it is good to see your progress...



Well done. Week 5 is a good one - a big step up but great feeling when completed. Keep up the good work.


Thanks both! R2 tomorrow...


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