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Week 8, run 1 - done but still very slow

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Well, that wasn’t easy BUT I did it. Still running like this 🐌 rather than like this 🏃‍♀️ though. Will I ever get any faster? My aim was to do a park run when I finish the programme but am I too slow? What do experienced park runners think?

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There is no such thing as too slow for parkrun. That’s official from them! facebook.com/parkrunUK/post...

Great job on today’s run... soon be collecting that graduate badge.

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JandysGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks for the encouragement UnfitNoMore! The end is definitely in sight now :)

No way will you be too slow. The last person crossed the line in well over an hour at our parkrun last weekend! A dear old gentleman walking round. ❤️ There’s no time restraint, so go for it!

I’m a 🐌, gradually getting quicker by degrees. It just takes miles (kms) in the legs. I’m still working on it! 😀

So continue enjoying the programme with no worries about how slow you’re going, and enter parkrun. You won’t regret it! 🏃‍♀️👏

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JandysGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks cheekychipmunks! Our goal at the start of the programme was to run a park run together before my son goes back to uni, so I really want to do it if I can!

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I so often read the "I'm really slow" post and those that then post a time are all faster than me. I'm not ever going to do a park run so that isn't an issue for me, but I would like get faster. However little by little that seems to be happening so for now, stick to plan, you're so close to finishing.

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JandysGraduate in reply to sparkyjohn

Ha ha, I’m a 60 year old Granny, so when I say I’m slow I’m really s l o w! However, I seem to be progressing week to week so I hope the speed will pick up as I get more experienced.

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sparkyjohnGraduate in reply to Jandys

Well I'm older than you and probably slower. Do we care? Are we in a who's the slowest competition? Of course not, just complete the next run without injury, and enjoy the fact we're fitter than when we started. Go and do that park run and have a ball doing it.

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JandysGraduate in reply to sparkyjohn

Go oldies, eh sparkyjohn 😂🐌

I feel really slow still too ! I’m doing 3k in 25 mins - then when I did 28 I was only about .02 over 3k 😂😂 I figured once I get to 30 mins I will then try and speed up !! It is about endurance rather than speed though ❤️ And I can’t believe I’m saying “only 3k” 8 weeks ago I couldn’t run up the stairs !! 😂

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JandysGraduate in reply to NeverARunner

Yep, that’s me too. My wk 9 run 3 was the only run that was noticeably further than the 25/28 minute runs. Now I’ve graduated I’m hoping to build up the distances but I’ve come a long way in 9 weeks and for the time being I’m just happy with that! Good luck with your last few runs.

That is encouraging to know ! I worry that I am “behind” everyone else and that I should be quicker :/ but yes once I’ve graduated I will concentrate on being a bit quicker then :) thank you !! It’s my 30th birthday tomorrow so not sure I’ll run for a couple of days lol xx but I will need to after all the cake expect Lol x

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