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Week 9 run 2 done - rain, snails and a warm headband that covers my ears...

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Went out yesterday in the rain wearing my new Ronhill fleece headband determined to have a better run than w9r1, which was awful due to strong wind in my face for the first half of the run and my poor ears ringing with the cold :(

And it was wonderful! Drizzly rain blowing in my face, but this time the headband really helped. Also, I was so busy making sure I didn't stamp on any snails my little gremlin voices that tell me to stop just didn't get a chance to say anything! I also managed to hit the 5k mark - although technically I didn't run 5k because the 5 minute walk at beginning and end, but still, 5k!! AND, according to mapmyrun, my average pace was 7.31!!!

So, if everything goes to plan I will be finishing Couch Potato tomorrow night. My final run. I'm absolutely over the moon to get this far, but also a little sad that this is coming to an end :(

Onwards and upwards!! Bring on tomorrow!

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Wow, that's dedication! Well done you, that's awesome. It's funny, I was wondering what people do when they reach the end. Is there and C25K 'The Return' or something? Is there a second programme or are you on your own then? I'm worried I might have an unhealthy attachment to Laura at the end...!

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Fentaz42Graduate in reply to Jenwrenarm

Thanks Jenwrenarm! Dedication sound so much better than addiction, which is what I think it is! :)

There's lots of different things out there that can guide you to run either faster or further, as others further down have mentioned, the problem is choosing one! Laura is wonderful, isn't she? I felt just like you, didn't think I could leave her behind at all but now I know I'm fine without her - ill always have a soft spot for her though, she got me to the end!! :)

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Getting to the end is fantastic and I loved your post. Pleased you hopped over the snails; I was distracted by the sheer horror of hundreds of Super Slugs. They do take your mind off breathing! There is plenty of advice about what to do next. I have downloaded the C25k+ (get off the couch again!), signed up for a parkrun and have promised myself a new bra as a prize! And I am going to try to make some of my own playlists, work out some routes for in the proper dark, keep posting to encourage others. Pleased for your ears! And good luck for the final run. May the snails be with you.

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Fentaz42Graduate in reply to deb54

Slugs and snails, yak!! The thought of squashing one really distracted the gremlins! Haha!

Sounds like you've got it sussed!

I'm planning on doing a park run, doing a faster run and also a longer run. Going to see how that goes, can't believe I'm actually at week 9! Ill definitely keep posting, and ill keep reading - this part of the CP5K has been my saviour! :)

'May the snails be with you' haha! Priceless :)

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This is a great post because I experience a lot of what you talk about here too! I often play "Dodge the Snail" (not easy in the dark when I usually run!) and I too am really looking forward to graduating tomorrow, although I feel a little sad and nervous as well. I have definitely got an unhealthy attachment to Laura!

I love the sound of your headband - I HATE cold ears, so I shall definitely need to invest in something like it.

7.31 is a great pace! Mine is just over 8.00. Good luck for your graduation run - enjoy it!

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Fentaz42Graduate in reply to Maria211081

Good luck to you for your final run! Lets hope we don't come across any slimy creatures, that there is a cool breeze, not a blasting one (definitely recommend an ear warmer, made a big difference) and our lungs and legs can deal with the hills!

Well done

On the treadmill I jog at 7.2 but how do you know your pace when outdoors?

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Fentaz42Graduate in reply to Kingo

I've got 'mapmyrun' on my phone as well as listening to the podcast. It's great, it shows you a map of where you've just ran and works out your pace for each kilometre and your distance and what calories you've burned. I'd recommend it! :)

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Terrific post ad well done. I too was wondering how to deal with with "post laura syndrome" (PLS) but have ended up running regularly since graduating in June. Currently recovering from a set back but itching to get out there once again to improve my health. So keep it up cos you've done amazingly well to get this far!

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Thanks Danzargo!

I hope your fighting fit soon and can find the time to get back out there! I love reading your posts, you regularly make me laugh out loud! It's awful not being able to run - I had to stop for 3 weeks due to cra@@y, old trainers and a cash flow problem ;)

Anyway, get well soon Danzargo, and thanks for the isotope feedback! :)

well done. starting week 5 in the next 10 minutes.Laura rules haha!!!

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Fentaz42Graduate in reply to nifty50

Week 5 is fab! Just remember, 'slow and steady' and you'll blast it! :)

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Well done on your run, Fentaz42, and for getting the right kit for the nasty weather. Not long now till shiny badge!

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Fentaz42Graduate in reply to squaremum

Thanks Squaremum! Can't wait! :)

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