Week 2 Run 1 just done

Happy to have managed this one - trying not to look too far ahead at what is required in the coming weeks and panic myself! Have registered with my brother for a 6k Santa fun run on December 7th so need to keep on keeping on.


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  • Well done squizzer , I am hoping to complete run1 of wk 2 in the morning , looking forward to it , will let u all know how it goes

  • Hope it goes well :) I enjoyed it this eve - ran on treadmill at my local gym.

  • I've just done W2 R1 this evening too. I almost enjoyed it, which coming from me is a first, and I have surprised myself.

    I've decided to keep a diary and am recording my thoughts before, during and after each run.

    I'm also pleased that my foot, which I broke in July, is bearing up so far. I can't strike the ground with my heel first though as instructed in the podcast or get the breathing right.

  • Well done that's really good going then! I'm trying to place feet right but breathing is another matter. Being pretty asthmatic and really unfit, any breathing pattern will do for now! Sure we'll get the hang of it in time

  • Re the heel first strike - if you look on the website they've retracted that advice. It's best to hit with the mid part of your foot to avoid injury so you're probably doing it perfectly! :)

  • Love your username :D Think I should be runsandknits 2 or similar

  • I've yet to try the 2 together!!!

  • Hahaha - I think we should set that up! :D Extreme/high speed knitting - running with to pointy sticks, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Someone's already set the record for running a marathon whilst knitting - saw it on QI last week!! Guess we could set it for circular knitting with DPNs - what's more extreme than running with 2 pointy sticks, why 5 of course!!!

  • Same problem with the breathing (and also on week 2). Four strikes of left foot breathing out and another four breathing in. That's 8 of the left foot, or 16 steps total for a breath cycle. No way. Two each way maybe.

  • I think there's been a bit of discussion on here about the "heelstrike" instruction. I wouldn't bother with it as most people seemed to think it was outmoded advice and better to land on the middle of your foot. And I never managed to do the breathing as instructed. in fact I didn't like any mention of breathing as it immediately made me more conscious of it even though I had been getting on perfectly well beforehand. So that's two bits of advice I have blanked out, but the running was fine and I've just graduated. Much to my astonishment!. I think you will find the patterns and rhythms that suit you depending on your other issues (asthma, foot problems etc)and just go slowly. You'll be amazed at how much progress you make with this plan.

  • I remember trying this 'heel first' style and finding it made running harder. On reading up, I discovered it was also contrary to most running advice and more likely to cause injury. I think Laura needs a little 'update'. And as for breathing... well, just getting enough air in was as much of a challenge as I needed. I'd have to run twice as fast to make every breath last for four steps! So like annasee I ignored those two 'suggestions' and went on to graduate and not over-analyse my technique. Do whatever you are most comfortable with, as that will give the the greatest chance of success and enjoyment in your running.

  • Did run 2 last night on treadmill - mid foot seems to work best for me - as for breathing, just happy in any format at the moment! :D As Legion said, pays not to over-analyse your technique. As long as your comfortable then that's gotta be a good thing.

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