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Set off to eager get back on track AND THEY'VE ONLY GONE AND DUG IT UP!

Set out today - a tad late at 11.30, I agree - but eager to get out and do something. Have now got Endomondo on my phone now and decided to run the Endomondo intervals for beginners set. Doing my brisk warm up walk ~I tried to check the settings on my phone, which was safely strapped to my arm. NEVER DO THAT PEEPS! Had the most awful trip and ended tripping up the kerb and falling on the tarmac, skinned both wrists and both knees! Expletive deleted! Yes I did say a VERY rude word, more as a reflex reaction!

Had to limp back home and get a dressing on my bleeding right knee. My goodness it's not a good thing to fall as a grown up - it really shakes you up and we no longer bounce!

Puzzled by the intervals signals and found them fairly short - not a bad thing considering my now wobbly right leg! Got myself down to MY river run. OMG what have they DONE to it?

I used to run along a compacted mud path about 2 metres wide, lovely and level with a gentle slope to the river on the right, covered with brambles, nettles and Himalayan balsam plants.

Since I've been away the brambles and nettles have been cut away and the farmer has ploughed up the pathway so it is only a quarter of the width and had left huge boulders scattered along where they have been removed from the field. The path underfoot is a maze of brambles and HB stems carefully placed to give a trip hazard. (I don't need them - I am perfectly good at doing that for myself) So now we have to run on a sloping path, one foot much higher than the other, using really nifty footwork to avoid huge clods of soil scattered along the way.

To cap it all on my way back I asked the driver what they were planting next and the cheeky chappy asked 'Shouldn't you be running not walking?' Told him it was too rough and anyway I was doing intervals.

On the good side I now know my route is 7.14km and a really good thing is coming too. When

I passed the old route to the S/F path and saw a very strange structure which I had to go and investigate. It looks as if we are having an open air exercise gym being built in the park. Fabioso!

How good is that - I am well chuffed! So, from a very achy old soul to you all - hope you are all having HAPPY RUNNING!

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Blimey, you poor thing re the trip. Ouch. How irritating re your route being carved up.


You have my sympathy Beek. I managed to trip over two weeks running - first time banged up my left knee and couldn't run for 5 days and the second time managed to skin my right elbow. Not very dignified for a lady of my age lol! I've just had to invest in a head torch because the street lighting round my way doesn't illuminate some of the pavement because of overhanging trees, apart from which there are so many potholes in the pavement that it would be easy to go flying and break something :-(


Thank you for the sentiments! I wouldn't care but it was broad daylight on a path I use every day! I really ache all over now so must be more careful in future.


The rotters, digging the path up! And your fall sounds nasty - hope you're recovering and your dignity isn't too bruised either! The open air gym sounds good - lucky you! Happy running :)


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