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Woo hoo! Recovered my mojo!

Got up early this morning and went out first light into the mist and sharp air to finish off week 6. I was so achy and apprehensive that I was sure I couldn't manage 25mins but decided to give it my best shot.

I found the first 2 runs of week 6 a pretty hard slog, but as I got further into this run and found my pace, I suddenly realised I was going to do it and I felt great!

Sudden realisation that I'm really close to my goal now that seemed so far off 6 weeks ago, really boyed me up and managed to pick my pace up significantly for final minute.

When Laura said I was now a runner it really made my day!! Off to the yarn shop to treat myself for having got so far :)

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Laura said it, you are a real runner now. Keep those positive vibes and you will get there.

Keep running, keep knitting.

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If only I could do them both at once...


Well done! I'm doing 6:3 on Monday having found today's 6:2 a bit of a slog in places... We are runners! :)

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