Sshhh...the sun is away

<whispering> after melting on Sunday, Monday we saw cloud and yesterday it rained. Proper rain with thunder and lightening and today it's still cloudy, cool but slightly humid. I wasnt planning to run outside but after my coffee I am going to quietly put my trainers on and my running gear and go to the park that I haven't run in since November.ipod is charging and I might wear my race t-shirt this morning. Now let's keep this between us as I wouldn't want that golden ball to come out and spoil things. just need to pop the water in the freezer. Wish me luck <tiptoes to the kitchen>


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17 Replies

  • Hi Vixchile, if you haven't made your run yet, you're OK for a while yet - the sun's over here outside my office window - I'll let you know if it moves ;-) Happy running

  • You must be next door to me because I can see the yellow globey thing out of my window too :)

  • That makes sense. I haven't seen it today, I was wondering why and now realise its up with you and Potty.

  • Yes - we're going to be keeping it until this evening when we shall rent it out to Australia for a few hours to help pay off the National Debt. You can borrow it tomorrow morning though - just for a bit :)

  • As long as you don't give it back to us, we need some cool temperatures and there even snow on the Andes again :)

  • I managed to get out and it was just making an appearance at the end of my run but managed to 11km so happy with that. I would more than happy for the UK to have for a little while

  • Yes abroad can be a little warm at times but it's brilliant you've managed to get a run outside without the hot shiney thing - we are happy to look after it over here for a bit - even though many people in GB today do not recognise it and are not sure what it is for.

  • Keeping mum on this one - shussssh - typing this very quietly.... :)

  • Good Afternoon Runon !

    3 questions for you :

    How are you ?

    Hows your training going ?

    Is it true they've got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil or a lot of awful Coffee in Brazil ? I get mixed up :-)

  • Dear Puggywuggers,

    !. For the first time since I started running some 8 months ago, I appear to have a cold - you know that slightly irritated back of throat thing with a slight temperature but not bad enough for the World Health Oraganisation to declare a Universal state of Emergency.

    BUT it meant I thought it better not to run this morning. I have been in the big London place again and actually took a run around Richmond Park which must have been nice in olden days when people shambled along on horses... BUT the training is going well thankee and I can now get both feet off the ground!

    They do indeed have an awful lot of coffee in Brazil and also in a country called Starbucks. I like coffee and could not possibly wake up without it let alone go running and do hope there will be coffee stops on the Great Manchester Run - being able to drop into a cafe would be even better - have a chat and a bit of cake and then onto the next kilometre - I'm told by eldest daughter this is not how it works. I am loving running along my beach and for the first time in months the wind seems to have dropped and much to Vixchile's delight the sun is in hte sky and all is well with the world. And now without further ado the big question....

    How are you??? :) XXX

  • Ha ha ! There you are mi' old mucker , good to hear from you :-)

    Ah , so you have been in Londoninumum again ?

    Youre not thinking of defecting are you ? Mind you , if you are , can I have your beach ? :-) Ta very much !

    I am a tea drinker personally . Yorkshire Tea to be precise. Buckets and buckets of it. It is grown in Yorkshire and hand picked by Yorkshire maidens. Fancy that !

    I am well on my comeback trail. I am not 100% as yet, but I am getting there. I have about a quarter of my right bum cheek still on the couch :-)

    Oooh Alex ! says that I can run and I can increase my time about 5 minutes each week. He asked me if I had a race plan and I said " Just to finish it without croaking it " Oh, how we laughed ha ha :-D

    Oh Runon, I hope you feel better soon xxx I think we should declare it a National State of Emergency and knock Zayn quitting 1D off the front pages .

    Good to hear from you , the sun is shining , the birds are chirping , all is well with the world .

    Happy Days xxx

  • Oh Pugpops - please do not croak during the GMR - it is televised you know and would be most embarrassing for you - even more than old Jeremy's Shenanigans! And I shall not be defecting to Londinium if I can possibly help it - if it is unacceptable to rear battery hens then it should be just as unacceptable to crowd people into tube trains - but needs must! Yes I did have you down as a tea drinker especially after you got your computer to start drinking the stuff - can't really be good for people if it harms computers eh? Have a wonderful day :)

  • Good Afternoon Runon :-)

    Oh its blowing a gale here , I can imagine it is the same in Sunny Southport- Upon - Sea . I am going for a little run on my return from the coal face this evening . I feel fighting fit today - Yeea-ahhh !

    Hope youre feeling better today :-)

    Have a good day my friend, Tally Ho ! and Toodle pip for now ! xxx

  • Yes indeed Tally-ho Jeeves. Windy here but will drop by tomorrow according to forecast. I actually did a massive PB running in the wind recently but I think it was cheating :) Definitely feeling a litttle better thank you - shall be fighting fit myself tomorrow and am exteremely gald that you are too - fit - not fighting as such - not like Jeremy Clarkson anyway - silly man. Guess what ho - My paperwork has come through for the GMR today - I have given them my t-shirt size so it is all happening - now all I have to do is raise £6.4 billion for charity and I'm away - think I know just the man :) XXX

  • Ha ha , no fighting Runon, youre a lover not a fighter - ha ha ,did I just say that ? :-D

    Oh its really happening now Runon , its really real . I hope you put " Superhero " size for your T Shirt :-)

    I wonder what kind of pay off Jeremy will get from the Beeb ? He might be able to help you with your £6.4 billion. I reckon he will walk straight into a lucrative deal with ITV or Sky with the Hamster and Daisy May , failing that he can always go for a job with WWF , that's the Wrestling not the Wildlife Fund :-) xxx

  • Yes definitely a lurver :) ole Jeremy win't get an extra penny - they're not really sacking him - just not renewing his contract - so he will have my 6.4bn to spare. Sides - hitting producers is fair game if you ask me - the BBC's becoming so whimpy these days - what ho. Strangely my first job was with the WWF - the wildlife not the wrestling! Bring it on :) xxx

  • Oooh your first job was with WWF ? That's sounds very interesting . I am intrigued now as to what you do .

    Are you allowed to tell me or is it top secret ? Type quietly so that no one can hear you xxx

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