Week 4 (yes, 4), run 1 done!

Well, after all the apprehension I went out there and nailed W4R1 this morning. Admittedly, I nailed it VERY slowly, but I didn't stop, which I'm actually very surprised about. I found the worst bit was the end of the second 90 minute walk as I didn't feel fully recovered before setting off on the last 5 minute run. The last run was still OK though and I soon found my rhythm once I'd started. So, 16 minutes run in total today! Serious progress since W1R1 three weeks ago today. Thanks Laura! Thanks fellow C25Kers!

4 Replies

  • Snap! Me too Henith!!! I miss Laura telling me that I deserve a pat on the back...w1!!!! So cool this running lark! X

  • Great going! I found this harder than usual and my legs are a little stiff this afternoon !

  • Well done to you both! Enjoy your rest day tomorrow and good luck for run 2 - we know we can do it now!

  • Well done everyone. I'm hot on your tails. W4r1 tomorrow.

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