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Week 4 Run 1 done!!

WOW! I ran for 5 minutes!!

I had to run up hills and past people I knew and by the end of of the 2nd 5 minutes run I literally felt like I couldn't breathe, however I think this may have been in my head as about 10 seconds after the run my breathing was back to normal haha!

I can't believe how only 4 weeks running for 1 minute was hard, this programme is truly amazing and I really do believe in it!

I have got my dad hooked as well! He just started week 2 today, so we are both very proud of ourselves and each other :)

We got new running shoes at the weekend, mine are by the brand 'new balance', anyone know if this is a good brand? I also put some insoles in them for extra support and extra comfort!

I wish everyone the best of luck with their runs, and I can't wait to be able to finish this programme and run for 30 minutes! :D

Thanks for reading my blog and hope you all have a nice day!

~ Olivia

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Well done! That is clearly a blog from someone who is rapidly falling for running! :) Brilliant to pull your dad in too. My shoes are new balance ones too - no idea whether they're good or not, but they seem ok to me (though I quite often run in my non-running Ecco shoes, because I find them very comfortable).


I definitely am falling for running!

And I have never heard of Ecco shoes before? (although I am completely new to all this so I wouldn't have expected to know it to be honest haha).

So what do you do now you have graduated? I can't imagine life after this programme to be honest!

~ Olivia


Nicely done with running for 5 minutes, and with hills even. And good job getting your dad involved. :)


My husband is a long distance runner and always goes for New Balance. I was also assessed and did a bit on a running machine in shop and was measured etc and they have given me new balance with the insoles. These helped with shin splint pain and I am now up to week eight...I'm a tubby middle aged woman, so they must be good!!!


I am on my second pair of New Balance and they are so comfy!! oh, and well done with the run..I am fast approaching Week 4 too :)


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