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Week 9 Run 2 - All the gear - some idea

I hope this post makes you laugh....

I decided ( actually Mrs johnm12 decided), that I was actually taking this seriously and some investment was justified. Went to the local shop on Saturday ( recommended by a friend ) fast feet in Bishops Stortford. Owner was a long term runner, understood what I was up to and advised " no need to spend a fortune on shoes". Got last years model Saucono and they are excellent. Calf muscles much better, good grip on muddy tracks too. Much better than the 10 year old pair of trainers I had been using.

So far so good.. a dull grey morning, felt rather smug, in my new shoes, leggings and top, watching all the cars rushing through our village whilst I went for a run. This was good, quicker and more relaxed than last time. Got to 30 mins felt good so carried on for a another 500m to take it to 4.9Km.

All good BUT my other new purchase ( garmin watch) was supposed to prompt me to run at a steady pace. I had set 6:30 per km and the damn thing didnt do anything. I ignored it on the run, which is just as well as I would otherwise be now have been listed as missing in action as I had set it to 6:30 per MILE

No damage done ( expect to hear peals of laughter from everyone I tell this to) and I confirm that I am getting addicted to this.


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Ooh, running porn. Addictive isnt it. Cant wait to wear out my new running shoes so I can choose more,and dont get me started on trackers. Regarding the Garmin, did you save the pacing? It’s easy to think you have but find you didnt.


Aha. Running porn. Thats a new one on me. I see you are a photographer, been a hobby of mine for years, just getting back into it and there is the same addiction. " I really could do with a dedicated macro lens" No you don't. or "kit lens not a sharp/fast as I need". It's actually pretty good. I am finally beginning to learn that you need decent kit BUT you then need to go and work it. That said.... If theres a bargain or something interesting I am often tempted!

Regarding Garmin, will have a good fiddle with settings. ATM its buzzing away every time a tweet or email comes in. Also keeps telling me to move!


Yes, Im a geek when it comes to gear Im afraid 😊

Dont let that Garmin bully you. You can decide which notifications to have, or none. I leave the move on because Im a couch potato by nature, but it’s very rude. My Fitbit used to say things like fancy a stroll (like a seedy Victorian gigolo) or 200 steps to win the hour. The Garmin just says move! Youre sitting on a plane or the bus, or soaking in the bath after a run and: move!


Haha I did EXACTLY the same thing with my Garmin on the first run last month! I’ve also been running with a discount pair of Saucony Hurricane shoes too and I really love them. Best of luck with your ongoing runs John


Thanks. Yes although I must say that doing simple mental arithmetic whilst running really does pass the time. I was running in a pair of trainers I'd had for years. These will now be used for gardening. New shoes are very good, so I will see if I can wear them out!

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At least my lap counts were still in km, so I didn’t have to resort to mental math as it still buzzed every km, but the distance was showing miles which was confusing. I almost was going to try and do 10miles instead of km until I realized something was wrong 😁

Yes my old New Balance shoes are my walkers now. Trying to run in them feels like stone compared to the newer Sauconys.


Mmmm, nice, 6:30/ml LOL, that'll get the heart going .... ;-) Well done on the run though, good effort that ...

Could do with come investment in my own gear to be honest, will have to hope Santa sees that I have been a good 'girl' ... :-)


Ah santa, he's the man. Leaves me a glass of Whisky by the fireplace every year together with a reply to the note posted by whichever of our ( now adult) children are with us over Christmas. Top chap. Yeah I'm new to this running but getting addicted and must say that new shoes and top really do make a difference, but not to 6:30 per mile!

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Well done


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