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Music on C25K podcasts

Is there any list of the music on C25K? I have to admit that I really don't like most of it (in fact I'm quite looking forward to gaduating so that I can choose my own music) but while doing the final 5 minutes of W7R2 today, there was one song that just had the right beat to keep me going as I was really flagging. I think that it was called something along the lines of "I think that you don't really love me any more" (or at least that is how the chorus went). Any ideas?

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Sorry, I don't know if the list of tunes and availability for use is published anywhere - but I just wanted to say that you aren't the first to become bored of much of it!

At my end of week 6, after which I knew full well that the next 3 weeks would be solid runs, I made my own running tracks from the hundreds I have collected on Media Player on my PC.

I looked through my music, chose favourites, checked their playtime and compiled lists which added up to a total of 28, 29 and 30 minutes. I knew I'd never remember the order whilst running, so popped a silly memorable tune on the end so that I would know when I'd done the run and could slow down for the walk back. I used the theme from Monty Python! :)

If you're unsure about what music might work for you, I suggest you spend a time trawling through the website

It has heaps of tunes sorted out into 'beats per minute - bpm lists. They also state the approx kph you can achieve.

Lots of luck with your last few weeks - soon you can run to anything or nothing ... Your choice :D

Cheers, Linda


Thanks Linda - that's really helpful!


If you have an iphone (not sure if its on Android) there is a free app called Splice. This is a music app that scans the songs on your device and assigns their bpm. If you have been on the website you can work out your average bpm to match your songs to. You can then order your songs in bpm to speed up or down as you like. Its a great app and all the better that its free! :)

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I do have an iPhone - thanks for the bjammin. I'll definitely look at that.


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