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So far I have done the Stepping stones podcast a couple of times and found it difficult as the 150 bpm was too slow. I was scared (not afraid to admit it :) ) to try the Speed one as 165 bpm seemed really fast. Anyway, last night I thought I would give it a go. Hubby was starting week 2 so I knew he had 23 minutes or run/walk so I thought it would fit in nicely and I could change it if it was too hard. I started off with the 155 bpm and he over took me straight away (he is taller and fitter than me) but I wasn't bothered as I knew I needed to conserve energy for the 165bpm intervals.

I did it and it felt great. I over took him during my runs and his walks and left him behind. I run back for him later though :):) . I liked the fact that it was just 60 second of each speed so I didn't get bored or tired. I even had enough in the tank to run the last run with him. We have about an 8 minute walk home so we even did a sprint about 5 minutes from home :) .

We had changed the route and went in the opposite direction so all my runs felt like I was nearly home .

Moral of this story is "just try it"

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Hi Princess Stef - I listened to the speed podcast whilst making tea on Sunday and thought I might give it a go. The stepping stone one was a shock to my system when I started it, then moved onto the stamina one which has brought my times down surprisingly well. I had planned to give it a go tomorrow night, but given that I fell short of my distance last night (set out to do 6.5K but stopped at 5K 'cos of my legs/joints) I might do that instead... :-) Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review :-)


Thanks, that's so encouraging. I was put off by my experience of doing the stepping stone one, so wasn't planning to try the speed or stamina ones. But I might now.


Exactly! The + podcasts are great I think and really bring your running on. I still use them a lot, and the Sami podcasts. I use the Sami podcasts as the soundtrack to my longer runs. Speaking of which I have one later on

happy running!


What are the Sami podcasts Miss Wobble? I've used the 5k+ ones but hadn't come across any more. I didn't like Stepping Stones either, but Stamina will take me round the Parkrun quite happily :-)


I love that moral, and you're so absolutely right.

Congrats with the achievement also. nice one!


It's Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k and it's here somewhere as downloadable podcasts. The first week is duff. It's very quiet and then cuts out but no matter there's the rest of it and that's great. I love it!! The music lyrics are specifically chosen to get you moving and inspired if you flag

Someone posted a link to it. Do a search on here for it if it's not a sticky on the right hand side. Lemme know if you can't find it


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