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5km Recovery Run - 29:16

Hi all

After Sundays 10 mile run I completed a recovery run today. 5km in 29:16. I ran at approx 6 min km for the first 4km and then increased my speed a little to run the last km in 5:31.

Just want to say running regularly is great for your fitness, I have run 5km and don't feel tired. I have reflected on this a few times, but I would never have imagined that a year ago.

Another 5km on Thursday. My HM programme is now tapering off for 2 weeks because I have a 10km race in two weeks (06/10/2013). I will be running in Greenwich park. I haven't run 10km in a while and am hoping to get as close to 50 minutes as possible.

Here is a link to my run:

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wow...good work bionic man, you are doing amazingly, well done!!


Thanks JJ!


Great work Aftab. I was wondering if you have you noticed any improvement in your HR as you got fitter?


Definitely, today's average HR was 158 and I ran a 5km on 10/08 in 29mins and had an average HR of 180.


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