5km @ 5am - Steady Pace - 29:48

Hi all!

My HM programme had me running 5km today. The only problem I have is that I am meeting some old friends in London this evening for dinner. I have spent the last week trying to slot this run into my 4 run a week timetable without running on 3 consecutive days and with out missing Saturday's Parkrun. It was like I was playing Tetris. Finally it dawned on me...run at dawn!

So I was up at 5am and out of the door not soon after. I had to run at a steady pace and average 5:58 per km. I ran around my local streets and there were a lot of people putting out their rubbish for the bin men. Now I know today is collection day but you don't have to put the rubbish out at 5:30am! I said hello to whoever looked in my direction and got a few nods from the early commuters. I set off when it was still very dark and now most of the gloom has gone.

I need to shower now and head off to work. I will sign off my saying becoming a runner has made me to some strange things and running at this time is definitely one of them!

Here is a link to the run:


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20 Replies

  • ahhh, but running at 5am is so peaceful. Not many people aruond, not much traffic... quiet :)

    I do the majority of my running at 5:30am and wouldn't change it for the world... crazy or not!

  • It is peaceful but I don't know how often I could do it without nodding off at work!

  • that's exactly how I thought but believe me, it boosts your energy early in the morning and you're still awake in the evenings! You'll be fine.

  • I totally agree, I did my early 10k this morning, now I'm showered and eating my poached egg before my long commute and I feel great. I am hoping it will help me write a report today that I have been putting off for ages!!!! Well done Aftabs great progress.....

  • Thanks. I have an 8 mile run to do on Sunday, so I may make that a dawn run also.

  • Well get you up with the early bird- very impressed - I don't have that in me.- was meant to run today - but found excuses. Tomorrow is another day ....

  • Thanks! I find that if I tell someone else that I plan to run it is harder to skip it because I don't want to have to explain it to them!

  • Crikey; big respect for running at 5am. I like 'early' running but that's a whole new definition of early. Well done you.

  • Thanks! I am determined to stick to 4 runs a week to maximise my chances to running a HM in October, so this was the only slot available to this week's second run.

  • I do all my runs in the morning now, I get up at 6 though, not quite 5! I find that sometimes, my working day would make me too tired to feel like a run in the evenings so a morning run would mean it's done and dusted. I also read somewhere that your body keeps burning long after you finish a workout :)

  • I enjoyed the early run but I am not sure how often I can do it. I am now running with my wife (she is on week 3 of C25K) and we will struggle to find someone to look after our 2 children early in the morning. But whenever I can I will be trying to run earlier.

  • Great time too! I run at 6.30am - so waaaaaay later than you! Hahaha! I love running early too as there are fewer people to bump in to!

  • Thanks. I had already written this blog by 6.30am! I can't consider a run completed until I have written about it, I don't know if that is healthy or not...

  • Great result!!! I admire your commitment in juggling your training schedule around so as not to miss a session. I'm a morning runner too and have stuck rigidly to the same 3 days each week - mind you I'm only in Wk 10 but I hope I can stick to my schedule Good luck with your training and enjoy your dinner with your friends

  • Thanks and well done on sticking to your schedule! My wife is running C25K and is in week 3. I run with her at least twice a week and then do my workout. Soon she will be running for 25 mins + and I will have to work out how to join her and do my faster pace workouts without over-training.

  • Hey,

    Well done! - I don't go out quite that early but I find early morning running is much the best, especially on hot days in summer.

    I wish I could run anything like that pace though! If that's a steady run, then I'm a snail! I'm trying to do 10K and I'm almost there, and then I'm going to try to run a half marathon in a month, maybe two...

  • Thanks for the kind words. Well done on your aim of running a half marathon. I am training with the aim of running a HM at the end of October.

  • You're welcome... I may end up running one about the same time! I take it your's is a 'proper' timed event? - Mine will be me just doing a long circuit I make up myself lol! (Although I hope to enter a race when I feel confident I can do it regularly).

  • I am planning on running the distance in training, 2 weeks before running a 'proper' HM in Brentwood, Essex. I am increasing my pace now because if I work really hard I think I have an outside chance of running the HM in 2 hours.

  • That would be a fantastic time but doing a HM is a wonderful achievement in itself! I wish you luck with finishing it and hopefully doing a great time!

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