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The impossible made possible

Well, Week 9 looms and the impossible now has become acheivable. Very pleased with myself, for a. 52 year old, overweight and unfit male. I cruised through Week 8 Run 3 today, just felt the power and stamina all come together.

My observations of it all so far would be:

1. It's all very do-able and structured, without a doubt the best fitness programme I've ever used.

2. No weight loss or visible sign of gut reduction, yet I'm miles fitter and feel great mentally. Legs and bum feel more toned though..

3. Very motivated to carry on, not throwing all this away now. I am now a runner.

4. Definitely need to buy good running shoes, a must. They made a huge difference.

5. Don't need to spends loads on shiny kit, get on eBay for cheap technical t shirts, shorts and micro fleece for chilly days.

6. Dog owners are largely irresponsible and will let their dog go for your ankles, reassuring you cheerily " he won't bite". I now stop running and walk briskly past, seems to keep the dog calmer..

So, it's going very well, very pleased and sort of smug really, feel like I've found the key and only a select group of us are in on it!

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I know exactly how you feel! I think we have every right to feel smug. I am also determined to stick with this and make it a part of my life, which it is starting to feel like already.

I'm definitely with you on no.5 - eBay is great for cheap running gear. Lidl occasionally has good running stuff too.

Well done Trickydicky on becoming a runner! :)


Congratulations. I agree about the running shoes.


Thank you both, I should have added the forums are very encouraging too :)


What a truly excellent and well observed post!

I couldn't agree more about dogs, but could I add that small dogs are 10 times worse, and horse riders get rather 'snippy' if you try and squeeze past them when they are filling the road 3 abreast and dropping smelly stuff all over the road/track!!

As for good running shoes ~ they are the only really important bit of kit. The rest can be a string vest and pants, but running shoes are an absolute MUST. Note to self ~ buy some new ones.

Keep running my friend and keep enjoying it.

If you need inspiration ~ and I don't think you do, watch this Youtube clip...


Ha ha! Yes, those little dogs are the worst! Cautionary tale - I was a bit short with some fella when his dog jumped up at me. His reaction was very aggressive, squared right up to me, face contorted with rage....could have been really nasty, but I just jogged off...

Lesson learnt, just say nothing next time.

Thanks for your message back and the video too, filled up a bit watching that. Very inspiring...

Well done to you too, keep it up, chat again soon,


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