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Rubbish run !!

Oh deary me. Had such a bad run today to the extent that I gave up after 20 minutes. I got off to a bad start having made the mistake of having a lay in instead of just getting up and getting it done. By the time I got out I was already telling myself I couldn't do 30 minutes, my poor mental attitude really let me down and I'm feeling quite sorry for myself!!

However, a read of the posts here and a good talking to myself has helped and I'm just going to put it down to experience.

I guess a bad run is better than no run at all so, on to the next one!!

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yep - the next one will be better and you were out there doing it. Put it behind you on with the next :-)


I had a bad ish run yesterday, busy tomorrow but on Tuesday I will attempt it again and learn and make it a better one!


Everyone has an off-run now and then. Sometimes it's good to make the next one purely for fun - don't aim for a speed, time or distance, just run somewhere you love for as long as it feels good - it's a great morale booster :-)


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