Week 6 run 3 done

I can't believe that in 6 short weeks I can now run for 25 minutes it's mad! I couldn't even imagine it after week one but here I am heading for week 7. I can't work out if I am slightly intimidated by just having long runs now or if I'm excited that there is only three weeks to go till the end of the programme. I have lost weight on the programme after the first three weeks when I think my body went into shock but the inch loss is fantastic. Can't recommend this programme enough for fitness and self belief.

3 Replies

  • Well done ! It's a fab programme, I think many of us would say it can be life changing.

  • Well done. Can't wait until I'm where you are now...just finished first week!

  • Well done on starting you will be finishing week 6 before you know it!

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