The new running shoes jinxed it... Sore knee no running sad face 😞

And it had all been going so well... Got to the second run of week 8 last Thursday, the first run in my new trainers and achieving c25k was sniffing distance away... Then my old knee issues caught up with me 🙁 I twisted it a couple of years ago, then a week ago I aggravated it again - not by running but of all things doing chores at home - my top half turned, my lower leg stayed 😜 It was niggly but sort of seemed ok so carried on as normal but after the second run it was rather sore and stiff.

I'm resting it from running for a week and hope it improves. I'm gutted as I'm so close. I have been enjoying all the positive changes since starting this programme and anxious it will start to slip away 😧

Happy running and hope I'll be back with you all soon 🏃🏻

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  • You are being very sensible so well done and I'm sure with all the determination you have and reminding yourself of all the positives you have achieved you will be back out there running with the same enthusiasm and before you know it you will have graduated 😊😊take care x

  • I'm not sure how bad your knee issues have been, hopefully a bit of rest will make them better.

    You might want to consider buying some knee supports for running as they might help in future and maybe some gel insoles to cushion the impacts. Hope to see your graduation post soon...

  • Oh flippin eck! These things happen but hopefully it's nothing serious and you will soon be tying up those running shoes and continuing your C25k adventure. If it's any consolation it's absolutely crap weather out there. Stay indoors, get your knee iced and elevated at every possible opportunity and fingers crossed you'll soon be good to go

  • While you are sitting there on couch, invest some time in researching knee exercises for runners (Kinetic Revolution have a load). These will help you strengthen your knees without the impact of running, so even if you can't run, you will feel you are working towards it. Take things easy and allow yourself time to recover.

  • Sorry to hear this Lileth😯.

    Agree with the advice given.Rest but don't worry you won't lose too much fitness and will come back and finish even stronger.😊

  • Bless you. That's bad luck! Hope it gets better soon. I did see on the NHS site a page about knee exercises for strengthening altho haven't actually looked at it yet! Maybe it could help you. Hope you get back soon; you are so close :-)

  • Thanks all for the tips and advice. It's feeling much less painful than last Friday but think I'll still give it a few more days. I had flaking cartilage in the same knee as a teenager, was told to rest and have been doing so ever since 😉 This doesn't feel the same though and will be working on the knee strengthening ☺️

    Not feeling the love for going backwards and losing the momentum but hey ho, sure it'll be ok! 🙂

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