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week 3 run 2 - at the zoo!

After W3R1 (wednesday) managed with a wicked sore throat I was looking forward to today as I lemsipped myself up and managed to shake off the bug.

I run during my lunch breaks and am lucky to work by Regents Park. Today was cool and sunny and I headed off for the park (its a 5 minute brisk walk to the entrance conveniently!). Not surprisingly it was pretty busy but i did some of the running bits on the grass to avoid the crowds. The first 3minuiter was not overly pleasant but by the second 90 i was at the zoo - you can see the giraffes if you run around it (I didn't actually pay to get in!) so by the second 3 minuit run I was feeling really upbeat and managed it quite happily - to the extent that I tacked an extra minute on the end!

Feeling really good now and tucking into a veggie curry. 2 rest days and final W3 run on Monday!

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Well done on your run and shaking off the lurgy ReyC! (P.S. I see all sorts of things in my local park - but never giraffes!)


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