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Tonight, I felt like a 'proper' runner. W6r2


I have been steadily trotting my way through C25K, doggedly progressing in my usual 'just get on with it' style.

Not really felt like a proper runner, though, but tonight that all changed. I normally run from my house, out of the village as quickly as possible (in case anyone sees me) and out into the country lanes,

Tonight, I am working away from home in the metropolis of Milton Keynes. I checked out a 5k run on the Nike+ Running site, and found a recommended run around Willen Lakes (North Lake and South Lake circuit is 5.1km). Just right for W6r2.

Well, there I was, doing my in amongst all the other runners on this beautiful, sunny evening. OK, maybe I was the slowest of everybody, but I WAS ONE OF THOSE RUNNERS that you see and think 'I'd love to do that'.

Thank-you Laura, Thank-you C25K, Thank-you contributors on this site to give me the encouragement to go out for a run!

3 months ago, an overnight stay in a hotel meant a meal out and some beers, possibly watch a movie or some sport on TV. Tonight it was a banana before the run, some grapes and a salad now I am back, with 500ml of water and a low-calorie M&S Pink Cranberry Lemonade to celebrate. I am a new creation ;)

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Haha love the 'I am a new creation' Marky. It sounded so lovely running around a lake in the evening and you sound to me like you have been bitten by the running bug, congratulations :)


Well done mark! You must be really pleased with your progress and the change c25k is having on your life. It's like being reborn, if it's not too corny to say so.

I feel like a new woman compared to where I was a few years ago. It just shows how we can, with a bit of effort, turn things round.

Happy running. A change of scene always boosts a run I always think


I know Willen Lakes - it's great there. Proper job on the running and healthy dinner! :)

hi! Nice run! would you like to be my friend at nike+? I´m looking for C25kers at Nike, my user name is anacelez

Best regards.

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OK, will do. I'll find you on Nike+ in the next couple of days.

Get in!


Another poster boy for C25K in the making - what a great post!

By the way - if you run, you're a runner... (just saying)... :)


MarkyD you absolute star! :)


Whoop whoop! That's fantastic! Overnight stays in hotels can be quite boring - going for a run means that you can get out and experience places you'd have never been! :-) I have found, even though slow, my confidence has grown so much about being seen running and just giving it a go!


Brilliant MarkyD - you ARE a new creation and loving every minute by the sounds of things :-)


Well done, it's amazing how this has changed so many of us.


I'm on week 3, I'm pretty slow too, but one of the things I love is that other joggers give you a smile or a nod as they go past, even though most of them have their ear phones in. I wonder how many are doing C25K? I also love the fact that runners come in all shapes, sizes and ages! We're all amazing aren't we? XX

Well done! And yes, like Carlygurly above, I love it when joggers smile/wave at others. I thought of myself as a 'proper' runner when a local lad my daughter went to school with and who runs for the county in track and athletics gave me a nod as he steamed past me on a local hill (I was just about putting one foot in front of the other - he sailed past!).


Awesome post, many thanks and well done! I love "I am a new creation", it sums this program up brilliantly.


Fantastic post, sounds like a really great run and you are indeed a new creation

Sounds brilliant! I'm really looking forward to feeling that way about running. Am away on hols in Devon in a few weeks and looking forward (sort of!) to running somewhere I don't know. Although not a runner before I know all the trails I am doing inside out from cycling them for years. Love that thing too of people encouraging you. On my very slow week 2 run this morning a dog walker said 'keep it up' and it's nice that people are friendly like that.

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