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Running with the Moon - never giving up

Anyone else see the moon last night while out on their run? It was quite amazing and a pleasure to see peaking out behind the clouds as I struggled ever onwards.

I've been out of action for 5 weeks or so. I was on week 8 run 1 when I was hit with a head cold that lasted for a couple of days then having a break to recover led to 10 days then to two weeks and so on, you get the picture.

My gremlins of self-doubt returned and ever the self-esteem saboteur I found any excuse not to run whilst promising myself I would do it tomorrow or start again next week.

Well, I lost patience with myself and got back out again last night starting at week 6 run 1. Boy was it hard and in the 8min run I was seriously considering packing it in, but I didn't.

And then of course there was that big, bright moon shining down on me and my foibles, a cool breeze that made my skin tingle, a hint of rain and the heady smell of the lavendar fields in their last bloom.

You see it's just so much better to struggle through than sitting on the sofa, hating myself for being fat, lazy, giving-up, wallowing in self-pity and not doing anything about it. I will not give up on myself, no matter how long this takes.

So onto week 6 run 2...

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well done you - you will feel much better for it and it will lift your mood. I stopped running three years ago and have picked it up again this summer and feel so much better in my mood and self esteem - so my main c for running is not to go bak to that sofa sitting miserable place.

as for that moon - it literally was amazing last night - I dragged the kids outside to admire it.

Rock on with week 6 :-)


Agreed. I think rather than beating myself up for being so close to finishing the 9 weeks and regressing back to week 6 I've decided to try and be more holistic in my approach. Whether on week 1, week 9 or a graduate I'm out there doing something which can only be a good thing!


Yep yep :-) - i have post run endorphin fix :-)


What a poetic description, lovely. Good luck with your next run... :)


Oh, you've struck a chord with me there. I haven't run for two weeks now - was at week 8 run two. My knee knacked up (that's the technical term) and I need new trainers and wasn't able to get the cash together. Happily, I've got the money together today so will be at the local running shop quick smart before my arse gets any bigger!

Wonderful post by the way x

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