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Who Has Really Felt Like Giving Up?

Hey everyone. Last week I posted about feeling fed up through week 6. It's like I was building up to that 20 min run in week 5 - felt so happy I even had a few tears when I finished - then have lost my drive. I am on week 7 now but failed the 1st run, even though I did 25 mins at the end of week 6. So I've decided to repeat week 6 again but I am losing my motivation. I tried changing my route but it put me off.

It's worrying me because in the past I have always given up fitness regimes, and I'm worried I'm going to give this up too!

I am going to Paris for a few days, so having 3 full days off the running, which I am hoping will help me get back into it afterwards!

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Paris 3 days. Fantastique.

Maybe a few days away, not worrying about it, and having a lovely time will be the tonic you need.

There is no harm in repeating a week. You will probably find it easier second time around, and that will give you a boost. There is no rule that says you have to do it in 9 weeks, many of us didn't. I took a break and re-did Week 3, then managed to go all the way through. You have done and achieved so much already, don't give up.

Enjoy Paris (just a little bit envious, it's a beautiful place).


I am already on wk15. Whatever it takes you to get there. Have a break in Paris relax and unwind. I am sure things will feel better when you get back. Maybe you just need a break full stop and it's nothing to do with running. Enjoy.


The Champs Elysee, now there's a good jogging spot, through the Tuileries.....Magnifique!


Have a fab time Ruth and come back refreshed and relaxed :)) I went for w7 r1 today and definitely mentally tougher than w6 r3 -weird I know! I just keep saying to myself "only you will get in the way of your own success" and get doggedly determined not to stop. I think I know physically I can do this now, but like you previously I've always given up on exercise regiemes in the past. This time my husband and son are keeping me going, plus I've begun to tell people about the race for life 5k I've booked for my graduation run on Oct 18th so would be really cross with myself if I don't keep to schedule.

Hope that helps and looking forward to hearing how you get on when you get back from Paris! :) xx


have a lovely time in Paris.I think some people do struggle maybe on a different week but it isn't only you. Week nine was my most mentally challenging one and i had to repeat it because i couldn't get through a run without stopping and had to fight the gremlins constantly. Have you anyone you can run with even just once a week i find this really helps as we encourage each other to keep going even when we feel dead on our feet.


Thanks everyone. It helps so much that people are here for when times are tough!

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