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Week 3 Run1

Been out for my Week 3 Run 1 today. I was a little worried about stepping up to the 3 minute runs but I worked out that in total I would only be running for the same length of time as in Week 2. That made it easier somehow.

Actually when I got to the end of the final run I was surprised Laura said I was done, I thought I might have another minute to go and felt like I could have managed it.

I did have to wear a jacket today though, the change in temp was noticeable and now they're predicting snow for October! I just hope it doesn't interfere with my training too much.

Looking forward to completing this week and taking on Week 4!

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I've just re-started week three (had a week off for sore shins but they hurt again!). I find I get into a good rhythm on the 3 minutes although I find the last 60 seconds of the second 3 minuter a killer. I'm sure it's longer! Well done!



got running years ago on a program like this & got to 6 miles 3 times a week, great !.......then just stopped, more fool me & just re-starting again now. One bit of advice though was on your comment about feeling like you could do a little bit more. I found that 1st time & so pushed myself a bit too much & ended up with a few "niggles " as a result.

All the best !


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