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25 min run turned into 12 min

I went out for my run yesterday wk7 run 2. I started ok but then all the energy just drained out of me and I had a slow walk home after 12 min run. The rest of the day I felt very cold and tired, then woke up through the night shivery. I feel like I am getting a chest cold sort of thing. I have a very busy work schedule this week. The thing is my brain is having trouble letting myself down. Since I started, I haven missed a run. They might not of been the best but I have gone out three times a week. I suppose I am looking to be told to take the rest of the week off as part of me wants to try again tomorrow even though I still feel c%^*p. Am i right in Thinking a few days off now is better than weeks later , that sort of thing?

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It happens to us all, if that helps :-)

Main thing is not to fixate, I set some damn good times on Saturday after a really bad run on Wednesday.


Thanks I think you are right put it to me side


Hello Rfc...sorry to hear you are feeling rubbish. Before I'd even read your third sentence I thought it sounded as if you were "sickening for something" ( as my lovely Mum would say).

I would absolutely not go out if I was feeling c%^*p ...as you so nicely put it ( think I got the "spelling" right there !).

Yes it's a right pain to have to miss a few runs,but I better to do that than risk more ' failed ' runs and then feeling worse, both physically and mentally.

Just look after yourself and stay in until you are feeling less crap ....oops ;)


.....sorry, didn't read through ! Should read ' but I think it's better...etc etc .


Thanks I suppose I was looking for support to feel ok about having a break. I have been a bit defensive as It was suggested this morning that I have a cold cause I run in the rain. Not because I've been silly busy at work. Hehe don't blame the run. But I will take it easy.


Definitely take time now to feel better before trying another run. The main thing about running is confidence - if you're not well but still run, you may have a tough time and lose your confidence...as well as making yourself more poorly.

Remember, you are making your body work harder than it's used to. You will be more vulnerable to bugs and viruses, so rest up and you'll soon be back doing full runs again soon.

Hope you feel MUCH better very soon.x


Thank you. I will hold off for the rest of this week. It will be hard though.


I had a bad run yesterday as I felt weak, lightheaded and a bit sick, and also spent the day feeling tired and lacking in energy. If it develops into a cold then I'll definitely give the running a break for a few days. Don't feel bad about it, it happens. Feel better soon :)


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