25MINS PEOPLE 25!!!!!!

finally got out and completed week 7 run 2, for those that read my previous blog my first run of week 7 didnt go to well and i only run about 15mins. So really pleased about today. Having had 3 days off, well saying that i worked out on friday i was walking for 8 hours! Shopping really should be an olympic sport! Anyways out today really pleased with the change of weather i much prefer running in the cold and the rain today, i find it much more comfortable to run in plus theres fewer people around as well:) Took alot of chatting to myself to keep myself going but i did it! Think either my body is getting fitter or it really appreciated my 3 days off, it didnt feel as heavy as concrete when i tried to move it, like it normallly does! And i definatly am recovering quicker. Now i have a dilemma of how to proceed, last week after my bad run i was gonna leave two days inbetween runs and i wasnt going on to week 8 till i was really comfortable with completing 25mins, but now with a good run im not sure??? can someone make the decision for me pretty please??

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  • Go for week 8 :)

  • Well done you. I just finished week 2 run 3 but I will do it again as I am still running like someone who has just learned to stand up! I think after your success you should go forward not backward - good luck!

  • I'd say go for it, you've managed it once so you can do it again! :)

  • do w7r3 and then move on to w8 :)

  • WELL DONE!! Move onto week 8 I think it's probably mind over matter! Alternatively see how u feel when u go out for ur next run, u don't have to decide now. But u've got this far, trust in Laura! :o)

  • Week 8! Week 8! The music was better that week and it is really mind over matter now...you can do it!

  • If I remember right, week 8 is only another 3 mins.... honestly, you can do it :-)

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