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Lately have the shivers after run

Recently completed w6, and due to start w7 next week. But I am funding that I have shivers after run, for example my last run was Thursday and even today I feel like my face is hot and the rest of me very cold and shivery. It may not be the running I guess? I still don't have any winter running gear so going out to buy stuff today. I only have two base layers which I ordered online but have turned out to be huge so maybe they are not doing their job. Would really like some advice on how to carry on in winter as today I am doubting whether I can!

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Looking forward to other replies from people more experienced than me.....

I have a long sleeved thermal running top, I thought it was just long sleeved when I ordered it and really didn't think I'd get much use out of it when it came and was thick material, but boy do I need it! If I run in it on a non-frosty day I get awfully hot and even more beetroot like than normal, but on a frosty day like this morning, yesterday, Thursday it really is needed. But, even with the top on I still get cold, particularly when I get back home and indoors, if I come to the computer and log how far/how long, then browse here for a few minutes before I have a shower I get really chilled and it takes ages to warm up. So I think it may be that we get cold on the outside while the inside of us is warm through the exercise, then if I wait and cool on the inside without warming up the outside in the shower then I get properly chilled. Does that make sense?

Now to hear from people who've been running for more than 4 months!


It sounds to me you've got the cold or flu. I dont have any special gear. At moment I'm running in old pair of leggings (quite thin material) with a pair of thick tights underneath, old longsleeved t-shirt and a light fleece, plus beanie & gloves. So far this has been enough for me. By the end of the warm-up walk I'm warm. Like Beads I get chilled if I sit around when I get home, so now immediately after stretching I jump in the shower & change. A couple of days ago I saw a few runners out in shorts & singlet - made me freeze just looking at them!


Id be interested to hear comments/advice aswell. I have taken the plunge & bought long running tights (feeling quite self-conscious still in them though) & long sleeved running tops but last week did a 2hour run in the wet & felt rather cold on my cool down walk home.

Ive thought about wearing one of my wicking vests underneath & maybe investing in cycle shorts to keep my butt warm. I find that I am still getting really hot when I run (pushing my sleeves up my arm) but find that my hands can feel quite cold & think that when I stop my wet clothes, even if only from me sweating rather than the rain, feel very cold on my skin & when I eventually get into the shower after stretching & a quick cuppa, my belly is red raw from the cold.

perhaps we need to invest in some undergarments to keep us a bit warmer post run??

shelley x


I've also found recently that i get really cold and shivery after running. Today was very cold and icy and I wore long leggings and a long sleeved top with a t-shirt over the top and knee length compression socks. To start with I had a lightweight waterproof on as well.

It didn't take long to get warm and sweaty so I removed the jacket and tied it round my waist but kept my gloves on. It's an odd sensation being warm and damp but with icy cold fingers ! After the five mile race was over we walked back to the car and I was still feeling too warm but with soggy, sweaty hair (yuck!). I put a thick fleecy jacket on for the trip home but soon felt really chilly anyway - I think if you can't get straight into a hot bath or shower afterwards, it's probably best to actually take the sweaty top off and put on a spare, warm top because once you've stopped the sweaty garment gets quite cold. You might find putting a hat or hood on afterwards stops you cooling down so quickly.

When I run on cold evenings, I have a compression vest and shorts (from Aldi) and wear those underneath my usual kit - I think they keep me warmer but they also keep your muscles more comfortable. I've just been to Aldi's and bought full length compression leggings and long sleeved compression top ready for future runs (£9.99 each and bright pink - they're meant for Snowboarding but should be fine for running too).

I find it worse after training sessions (intervals/hills etc) than on a steady run - we did quite a tough speed session on Tuesday and by the time I'd driven home I was shivering violently and the joints in my hands had swollen up so that I struggled to drive ! It took me a good couple of hours to warm up properly afterwards even though it's only a fifteen minute drive home.

I also find the cold is quite harsh on my face - my chin is getting chapped and sore and that burns ! I've taken to slathering on plenty of barrier cream before running and always wear a neck tube that I can pull over my chin and mouth when it is really bitter - it makes breathing the cold air more comfortable when you first venture out.

I think next time I'm running further away from home and have a longer drive home, I'll keep a flask of hot tea in the car so I can warm up from the inside too !


hi. re the compression stuff from aldis. what is the sizing like as Im sure they wouldnt appreciate me undressing in the isle :)

I did buy some skorts from there or lidl in the summer & they were medium I think which were perfect for me at size 14.

thanks. shelley x


I'm 14 too. I got the L size earlier this year (it was the only size left, otherwise I'd have got M) when I got a shorts and vest set and they seem comfortable enough and offer some extra support. I still think M would fit ok as they are very stretchy but, again, they only had L today so I've got those. I'd have tried M if they had them as I think the tighter fit would give even more support but not cut off my circulation !!

I hope that helps a bit !


thankyou :)


ran in my compression top from aldi under my long sleeved top today & it is highly recommended. didnt overheat & as it was raining the compression top seemed to stay fairly dry. it didnt feel uncomfortable at all. a bit like a second skin! thighs were frozen from the snow/rain when I got home so think I will be giving the leggings a try on my next run. a big thumbs up from me :)


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