Couch to 5K

Not run for a week :-(

So annoyed as I have not run since last Monday. Was busy in the week but started to get some throat/annoying cough thing onFriday and still not right now so think it is best to feel better first. Partner is working lates all week so even if I was feeling 100% cannot get out with my daughter to look after. Just hate leaving big gaps as I was struggling with 30 mintutes since graduation.

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Me too :( I'd done 2 runs for week 1 when I came down with a summer cold beginning of last week.Cough is worse in the mornings then later in the evening.Worried about going out again when it hasn't gone yet but feel if I don't then I'm back to square one.


Do not think pushing our bodies will help our bugs. Probably end up even worse and even more time away from runs. Hope you feel better soon and can get out again asap.


Thanks.You too.


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