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Cross training with Circuits and Running

Hi All

I didn't know where else to ask this question as its not really c25k related. Since graduating I tend to run 5k about 3 times a week. I have recently wanted to incorporate some strength training, flexibility, etc into my week so started a circuit training class last night. We did cardio (sprints), press ups, sit ups, crunches, etc for about an hour.

I was thinking of doing that twice a week and run for twice a week but to do that may have to do consectutive running and circuits (I don't want to miss my running cos I love it and have recently invested in some proper running shoes (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13's) :)

I don't want to be overtraining though and increasing my risk of injury.

Any advice would be appreciated :)


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I do a mix of 10 classes a week and have done for over a year now also run 3 times, hasn't done me any harm. What I wanted was to increase my upper body strength as it was not looking as toned as my legs and butt!! At nearly 63 everything takes a lot longer, but I'm getting there.

My classes tend to be low impact though, I do:- L/I aerobics x 2, Pilates, Body Pump x 2, Stability Fit, TRX, Body Balance, Zumba and a Stretch Workshop. Mixing up the exercises has helped to tone overall, has also helped with my balance which deteriorates as one gets older. I'm fitter now than I was in my 40's and loving every minute of it.

What I would say is always listen to your body, if you get a niggle pain, take note and do something about it, I can also recommend a foam roller for ironing out tight and tired muscles, it also helps if you do have a running injury but getting advice on how to use properly will safeguard causing further damage. Good luck and hope this helps.

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Hi Oldgirl

I was just wondering how you fit it all in!

Do you have any days when you don't exercise at all?

I find I need 3 full rest days a week.

I run 3 times a week,do 1 salsa class,1 aerobics, and 2 gym sessions but try and fit it all in with 3 rest days.

It doesn't half take some juggling, mind!



great thanks for the advice Oldgirl!


Hi, I'm really new to running but I do a lot of strength and flexibility training (weights and Yoga). The advise I've been given is to do all of my Strength and Anaerobic work on the days I don't run. So you could do sprint intervals on a strength day, but not a steady state run.

I'm struggling to fit flexibility in so I'm doing C25K just before my yoga classes and I'm heartened to read how Oldgirl fits in 10 classes and running. Inspirational.


I'm retired and would be a couch slob if I didn't toddle off to the gym 4-5 days a week for usually 2-3 hours but classes spread with a coffee break in between too.


That's awesome! I've just started to take gym based classes (BodyBalance and I'm thinking of swapping one heavy lifting sesson a week for BodyPump during C25K). I've always been a lone wolf exerciser and I'm amazed by how much I'm enjoying it.


Exercise routine is:-

Monday - L/I aerobics & sometimes 2K rowing in gym

Tuesday - Body pump & run (evening)

Wednesday - Zumba Gold, Pilates (advanced), Stability Fit

Thursday - TRX & Body Balance 2 x 30 minutes + evening run (Jog Scotland)

Friday - L/I Aerobics, Body Pump, Stretch Workshop

Saturday - Badminton 1.5hrs

Sunday - Run

New swimming pool opens next year so I'm looking for more hours in a day to slot a swim in (can't wait as swimming is my true passion)

I often have a walk in the afternoon with hubby after a late lunch too. I put my energy down to a good balanced diet, being retired is of course the key to having so much time. I worked my brain for 40 years, its now my body's time to do the grafting. :)


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