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Swimming as cross training?

I would really like to swim once a week on one of my rest days. I want to use it as a way of improving my muscles for running. I'm a reasonably strong swimmer but find it quite boring going up and down. Running will always be my main love! Anyway my question is does anyone know of a swimming plan I could follow that I can do side by side with my running? I've tried Swimfit but it seems to assume that swimming is my main source of fitness and if I only want to go once a week it assumes I'm a beginner and can only do one stroke. Also I want to take my 11 year old daughter along and use it as something we can do together. She can swim but is not a very strong or confident swimmer but quite enjoys it. I'm hoping to fuel her enthusiasm for sport. OK so maybe I've made this way more complicated than it needs to be! What do you do as cross training?

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I've started adding one swim a week as cross training and like you find it a bit boring. I stick to 30 minutes (any longer and I'd be VERY bored) and just try and do as many lengths in that time as I can. I personally like to keep it simple, good luck though, they do say swimming is a great for all over fitness and its much less harsh on the joints and muscles than running! x


If you register for my swimfit on the swimfit site you should be able to access some training programmes to suit you. If necessary, tell it you plan to exercise more frequently. (I don't know what happens if you type in that you plan to go once a week because I go a lot, including after my runs. I only run because I need some weight-bearing exercise!) :)


I swim at least once a week for about 25 minutes which is usually 1K, I do alternate lengths of front crawl and breast stroke. It will build stamina and will also help with your breathing and overall fitness. I then do an aqua gym class for 45 minutes which is an advanced class part of it using foam bumb bells, killer for your arms but feel at least they will keep in line with the legs as far as muscle tone goes. :)



I've been thinking about going swimming and thanks to a very clever duck (don't ask) I've been a couple of times. thought I could do the two lengths (50m) they say you need to be able to do to be allowed at the deep end (slightly nonsensical but...) Turns out that unless my life depends on it, I can't (yet) And because I went swimming, my run has been bumped to tomorrow. But then, I do have ambitions to be fit enough to be a couch potato rather than a duvet dweller!


What about music when you swim? I've just bought one of these:

It works fine in the kitchen sink and I've fully immersed the headphones that came with it ... I was very lucky to buy 3 for £4.00 each! But I think they are worth the current price of £18

This is identical to mine but costs £22


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