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Well that was a rubbish run :-(

I'd been going so well since graduation - gradually covering more and more ground in my 30 minute runs ..... and then came tonight. First I had something like a shin splint but it seemed to ease only to be replaced by what felt like a really tight and painful muscle in my calf. On the basis that I'm supposed to enjoy this and don't therefore subscribe to the 'no pain no gain' theory, I stopped after about 12 minutes and walked the rest of my route. That was a bit wimpy and possibly presented no great advantage as it was painful to walk and might have been no worse had I kept running! I've only been running since May and wonder whether, in the cooler evenings, does it take longer than Laura's 5 minute brisk walk to warm up? I know that rubbish runs are inevitable but could do with a bit of blogger sympathy and reassurance to cheer me up!!

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We all have those days, I have them on my bike too! Hope your leg improves so you can get out there and reassure yourself you've still got it! But for now put your feet up and have a rest.


Nah, you know when it's wrong, go with your instincts.

We all have bad days, Last monday - easy 10km, Wednesday couldn't run for toffee, ended up running 3km walking 2, Saturday, pb at 5km followed 45 minutes later by a pb at 21km. It's all ups and downs.


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