New here - just finished week 1 - how do you know when to move up?

Hi all-

I'm new, not a runner at all and have just decided that I am going to try to do this C25K. Quite daunting!

Although I don't run and am not particularly active i did used to cycle and do yoga frequently but a recent move to london has disrupted all my old habits and i've noticed that I feel a lot less healthy (and chubbier!).

So thats why I have taken this on. I have just done my first week and I was wondering how you know if you are ready to go on to the next one? Any tips or advice would be really welcome!



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16 Replies

  • Hello ReyC. Welcome to the wonderful, mad world of C25K blogging where you will get all the advice, encouragement and support from this crazy bunch of fellow bloggers and bloggerettes who will do all they can to inspire you and motivate you along the way. WELL DONE for taking on this challenge! The hardest part is behind you - getting out the door!

    The main advice is to start ALL your runs slow and steady so that you won't run out of energy too soon and disappoint yourself. Do not look ahead at the following weeks schedule or you MAY scare your self witless unnecessarily! Listen to Laura and trust in yourself and you will get through it all fine.

    This is a fantastic programme AND IT DOES WORK. Listen to your body and if your body is telling you NO then pay attention to it. As long as you have done all the runs for the week you are on you should have no problem moving up to the next week. You will only know if you are ready by giving it a go. If it really is beyond you then your body will call a stop and just go back to the last run of your previous week when you succeeded and felt comfortable.

    We all have rubbish runs in amongst but there is no need to beat yourself up over it. Just put it behind you and look forward to your next run, when you may well surprise yourself and do a really good run. Do not dwell on anything too much. At the end of the day you are doing something really great - for YOU.

    HAPPY RUNNING is what this is all about! Good luck and keep us all posted how you are getting on!

  • Well done for getting out there. At the end of each week I would wonder when I would reach my limit - but this program really works and your stamina builds gradually without you really noticing. So have a go at week 2 and enjoy it.

  • I have had times where I told myself I shouldn't move on, but I listened to good advice like Beek's and as long as I complete each run that week, I'll move onto the next week. Going slow has helped me a lot.

  • Just take in everything Beek has said - it is all absolutely true - no need to say any more other than enjoy C25K

  • Well what can I add, Beek has said it all.

    Take it steady, listen to your body, and enjoy. Oh and blog every now and then, it's great to share :-)

  • Thanks all! Good advice and taking it all on board I have the first run of week 2 tomorrow. Fingers crossed for decent weather as w1r1 was boiling and the second 2 runs were in downpours! I made myself go as I figured if I could go in that on week 1 I had no excuse to worm out in the future!

  • off for week 2 run 1! nervous!

  • How did W2R1 go?

  • It was good, had think about my breathing more but guess that will improve with practise. Run two today and the weather looks vile :(

  • Know what you mean. Ran in rain last night. Not convinced Lidl's mac kept out rain or maybe I was just too hot. Good luck with today's run. I couldn't breathe like Laura said to do, so just had to find out what was comfortable for me. Try to relax about it - it becomes easier as you find out what suits you.

  • Todays run was ok! Rain held off and it was just misty which i really like. I didn't find it too hard but did find myself zoning out and slowing up during some of the runs and the walks so had to keep geeing myself up. Can't believe only one more W2 run left - it flies by!

  • I think you'll like week 3. The running is a little longer & you'll get into a rhythm with less chance of accidentally zoning out.

  • just finished the last run of week 2 and i think it was the easiest yet for me! (setting myself up for a fall here!)

    first run of week 3 on wednesday... nervous...

  • Oh that's good to hear, well done! I'll do W2R3 tomorrow and am already full of trepidation for W3. I'll watch out for your reports with interest!

  • Hi Hennith - Good luck for tomorrow! I like the second run of each week. I will update after my run on Wednesday.

  • You are going to be fine. You seem to be really enjoying this.

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